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Found 2 results

  1. I was just wondering, the uncons and the Syrians in sf2 had access to the much nastier rpg29. I was wondering why doen't the Russians have access to any better RPGs. I know the 7v2 is frontline issue but I was reading up on their equipment ages back and I remember seeing that the army had other more modern RPG, including the 29, in service along with the 7. Just asking cause the 7 is kinda bad and struggles with anything above a Stryker and you have to mass a ton of them. Also it's not very accurate unless you are really close whereas the at 6 is quite accurate, has no back blast and hits much harder.
  2. AirTronicUSA demonstrated two Americanized and greatly improved RPG-7v2 based weapons at the key for American defense procurement AUSA (Association of the United States Army) exhibition mid October 2015. The first is a somewhat lightened tweak called the PSRL-1 and is a slightly lighter weapon than the RPG-7V2 featuring Eotech Red Dot Sight with additional ability to take magnified sights and other goodies on no less than three Picatinny rails, which are also found on the vastly more capable PSRL-2. The article is confusing in that it referred to both Red Dot sights and AirtronicUSA custom designed sights. Range is considerably enhanced via the sights, but also by new, already in production ammo with far more lethal warheads. This weapon enters production second quarter next year. The second, the PSRL-2, is such a radical redesign that with its camouflage paint it looks like something out of Halo. It weighs half of what the Russian weapon weighs. Both weapons have a 90% first round hit probability at 800 meters--twice that of the RPG-7V2 As if that wasn't exciting enough, guided rounds are already in development with a 2000 meter range, creating a much cheaper than Javelin option for killing things! These Americanized RPGs seem entirely credible to me as candidates for inclusion in CMBS at some point. Supplying Ukraine with these, especially the lightweight and very durable PSRL-2, would greatly improve Ukrainian ability to defend vs armored attack. Regards, John Kettler
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