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Found 1 result

  1. Playing "Rolling on the River" against the AI. Here's my question....I am well familiar with the much discussed "issue" of javelin teams remaining prone when you REALLY need them to be kneeling/ready to fire. Especially in wheat fields, high grass, etc. But...does any know if Stryker scout squads(not snipers) are coded/able to fire Javelins? In this case, I decided to equip my scout squads with Javelin launchers & missiles b/c I was planning on pushing them well forward and I wanted something more powerful then the .50 cals and Mk19s that their Strykers come with. To do so, I had to "strip" the weapons out of the infantry stryker vehicles. But...no matter what they spot (tanks, BTRs, AFVs) they won't seem to use those javelins!! Am I assuming too much in thinking that, although not specifically given an AT gunner in the squad, no one knows how to use the javelin?? I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinion...