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Found 1 result

  1. Hold your applause. Please turn your attention to today's date. Now, please turn your attention to all the new Steve threads. Now, please turn your attention to the dates of the quotes I posted above. Now, please re-return your attention to all the new Steve threads and note their dates (there will be a quiz later). Now, please turn your attention to what I am saying right now. Oops! Hold on a sec..Hey, you in the back, put your pants on and sit down, this is a family friendly forum (can't take Kettler anywhere. Oh wait, that was Bil Hardenberger...jeez he seems so refined when he's analyzing tactics). Ok. So, anyway, please re-return your attention to what I am saying right now. Ready? Yeah, THAT'S right! I Mord, modder extraordinaire, King of the Portraits and all around badass, called that s***! NAAAAAILED IT! BULLSEYE! Hole in one! It's good to be the king. That is all. Mord. P.S. You may applaud now.
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