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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I recently purchased CMFI with Gustav line bundle and 3.0 upgrade. I think I upgraded correctly to 3.0, v 1.20 is shown on my welcome screen, which is correct from what I read on forum here. I stumbled upon weird halftruck gunner position - you can see it in attached picture. I first stumbled upon this in second battle of advanced US training campaign. There were two SPW250 (or 251, I am not sure). Both of them had gunner with no helmet in what I guess is default modelling position. This happened to me again in different battle. You can see a picture of US halftruck with two gunners in the same position. I did a quick test QB - when M2 halftruck is "opened" the gunner loses his helmet and goes into default position. When the truck is buttoned, everything is OK. The gunners pose doesn't interfere with his ability to operate the machine gun. I tried searching the forum, but didn't find anyone mentioning this. I'd like to ask if anyone has seen similar behavior before I try to file a bug. Tomas
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