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Found 4 results

  1. Here‘s an interesting piece about the famous Polish cavalry charge in WW2: https://sz.de/1.2124860 Big surprise: It sounds history was quite different from what we remember from the movies. The article is in German, though.
  2. About the Campaign This campaign covers a short and sustained period of combat operations taking place over a period of less than 72 hours, in Poland, on the Eastern Front in early August 1944. Although fictional it is heavily based on actual events. In the campaign you take the role of 1 Kompanie Commander Hauptmann Hans von Schroif, of the 3rd Panzer Division’s (Known as the Berlin Bear division – the bear features on the city coat of arms) I(gep)/PzGrn Rgt 3 equipped with half-track carriers (SPW). Hauptmann von Schroif - AKA you - has been tasked with commanding a small kampfgrup
  3. I've recently been reading about the Warsaw Uprising. It occurred to me that quite a lot of things happened between the conclusion of Bagration and the Battle for Berlin. Which of these will Module 1 cover? Steve did mention that Module 1 would pick up in Poland. I am guessing the Arctic front is out of the question, it'd be cool though. Same goes for the Budapest Offensive, and the latter Vienna Offensive. Yugoslavia is quite away. I am guessing the Vistual-Oder offensive will be featured. As such, I am hoping to see Eastern Polish Armed Forces. The 1st Polish Army saw action in Berlin,
  4. Hello there, I'm a new user here. Before I get on with the topic, here's a short introduction: I'm a long time gamer, and I started the Combat Mission series with the first initial games, mainly the Beyond Overlord, which I loved. After all these years, I came to learn that there are far more Combat Mission games, and that they have also gone for more modern settings (Cold War Afghanistan and Modern Syria) for few of their latest games. I have tried the demo of the two games, and I have fallen in love again. Then I heard of the latest upcoming iteration - the Black Sea - and here I am. I wishe
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