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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone I'm quite new to this game and wonder a bit about playing a pbem game. What I'd like to know first, before I invite someone or reply to someone's invitation to such a game, is how likely it is that my opponent will "cheat" when he is doing his moves. As far as I understand there are two possibilities when one is involved in a pbem game. Person A - Gets the save and makes his moves before he sees the real-time result of his moves and the ones from Person B and then saves the file. Person B - Gets the save and looks at the real-time result from his own previous moves and the ones from Person A as well as makes his next moves before he saves the file. In this way Person A is able to make his moves and only after that see the result of his and the opponents moves. If he doesn't like the result because one of his armored cars, tank or whatever is being destroyed by an enemy tank, anti-tank gun or an anti-tank rifle he can simply order the tank or whatever, which is being destroyed, to use direct shots towards the area from where the enemy shot came with the result that the new real-time result is better than it was earlier. Or he can decide to use a mortar crew to use direct shot on a position he didn't think about and only during the real-time realizes is filled with enemy squads. There are of course many new decisions Person A can make to improve his possibilities to win the game after he has seen the result. The above ones are only two of them. What I wonder is how often do you think those things happen? And maybe you have noticed a little odd thing happening and been thinking to yourself that your opponent probably changed his moves after he had watched the real-time result? Or maybe you could be honest enough to let us know when you changed your moves to get a more favorable result and also why you did it?
  2. Greetings all, The Blitz has started signup for it's scenario of the month programme (November) so hussle over there and signup if interested. The Blitz tests 2 scenarios each month to assess their suitability for H2H play, OTOH it's 2 scenarios that guarantee an opponent and yuou can feel good by helping fellow CM players http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/showthread.php?tid=68691 Scenarios this month CMRT: TWC GD Counterattack at Wilkowischken
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