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Found 1 result

  1. Overpowered Buildings? Playing cm Normandy, game engine 4. Campaign entitled, “A Moment in Time”, scenario entitled “In the Zone”. I’m leading inexperienced German troops through a forest and then attacking American paratroopers inside buildings on the other side of the forest. I have no armored vehicles and am playing on the easiest skill setting. The problem is that the enemy paratroopers have proven to be unbelievably hard to kill, demoralize, or dislodge from their buildings (which appear to be made of wood and brick, though hard to tell). I’ve tried targeting a building with 2 and even 3 squads, firing from different angles and, while they manage to suppress the fire of the occupants a bit, it’s nearly impossible to kill any. All the while, the enemy (usually one or two soldiers) manages to counter-fire well enough (through the windows I guess) to pick off one or two of my soldiers per barrage, and slowly whittles my forces down to almost nothing. What’s even more amazing is that I’m also firing on these buildings with 55 mm mortars (sure, not the most devastating, but still). The mortars are unbelievably accurate and tend to land right on the other side of the wall, window, or door as the enemy soldier yet, with rare exception, even after 15-20 near-consecutive strikes, the enemy soldier is neither killed, wounded, or in any way demoralized. Again, this is happening in combination with relentless rifle and heavy machine-gun fire! Is this a bug, or an accurate representation of warfare? Admittedly, my troops are inexperienced, but the fact is that they still managed to fire thousands of rounds into a buiding, against a sighted enemy, along with 15-20 pin-point mortar blasts, to almost no effect. If what I’ve described is not a bug, then why is it that, in the rare case where I’ve managed to successfully storm the building and kill the occupants (usually, the few shell-shocked troops I can muster for the assault get killed on the approach), my troops will quickly be sighted and killed by other enemy troops firing on the building? I should add that the enemy is able to quickly wipe me out using significantly less firepower than I was, firing at longer distances, and using no explosives. If the imperviousness of buildings and the unflappability of troops inside them is not a bug, then what can I do to counter this, other than set multiple lines of fire, rain down mortar shells, and use smoke to approach the structures in order to root out the occupants? Also, how can I obtain the same invincibility as the enemy for my own troops and do it without hiding? I’d like to whittle down the enemy with counter-fire, while outnumbered and inside a hailstorm of bullets and mortar shells, just like the AI does.
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