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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Guys Im sure you have read the recent announcement regarding The Few Good Men, The Scenario Depot III, The Proving Grounds II and CMMODS III. The sites are all live but the links provided have a little HTML error I believe so below are the links to the actual sites until staff here can update them. The Proving Grounds II The Scenario Depot III CMMODS III The Few Good Men If you have any queries about any of the sites please drop me a PM and I will assist. In closing I'd like to thank Badger73, Umlaut, Ithikial, Kevinkin, Das Tiger and PhilM on behalf of GreenasJade and me in all the help transferring 95% of the modifications from the old CMMODSII to the new site. It certainly was not an easy job and only a limited number of files did not make the transfer (if you had a file up that is missing please get in touch with GreenasJade - or re-upload it to the new site). As mentioned previously CMMODSII will still exist but will in the near future only cater for CMX1 mods. Whereas, the new CMMODSIII will now cater for all flavours of CMX2 including the Afghanistan game. Happy downloading/uploading. Bootie
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