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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I've just installed CMBN 4.02 on my new-ish Win 10 PC with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660. I'm running it in "Desktop" resolution, which should be 3840 x 2160 - any other choice in the Options menu produces an incorrect aspect ratio for the whole game. There appears to be no antialiasing - smaller text is hardly legible, UI looks ugly and the 3D scene is not antialiased either. Since I don't really understand this stuff, in the end I copied Ken's video settings (shared in IanL's FAQ thread - thanks for compiling this!), but it didn't solve the issue. No tinkering with the NVidia control panel's antialiasing settings did. (Notes: I have antialiasing set on in the Options; I tried to set that off, too - no effect; other resolutions produce those bad aspect ratios but are not antialiased either). Amazingly, when I took a screeenshot to document the problem (with Fraps in the game and both with Fraps and printscreen in the menu), I got a perfect picture with everything antialiased and all text legible. Interestingly the image produced was 2560 x 1140, so that's probably the resolution I'm actually running. It could also look this good precisely because it was downsampled, but I still think it looked too good for that. Anyway. Has anyone encountered this before/know a fix? Thanks! - Drifter
  2. Latest NVIDIA drivers 368.22 for 780M on Windows 10 64bit cripples menu functions. Text is missing (map names) and starting quick battles doesn't even work. You are just redirected to the menu again. CMFB worked just fine before the update.
  3. I'm about to get a new rig and wanted to know if it matters what brand of video card I get to play the newer games. I thought I heard in the past that AMD cards didn't run the game as well as Nvidia but that was awhile ago. Also, what is your recommendation for vid cards to run the newer games at a good frame rate without busting the bank?
  4. Hi, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, my search found nothing. I have just been using my 'backup' CM rig, an i7 processor running Win7 Ultimate with an Nvidia GeForce 640m LE to run a CMBN pbem game making use of the vehicle pack (so v 3.11). Everything is running nicely except that the flamethrower 'shots' are not showing. I get the noise, the ammo counts down, there is the resulting black smoke and screams of pixeltruppen - but the yellow gouts of flame that I am used to seeing do not show up. I have the latest nvidia drivers installed and the graphics settings are as per the pinned "Some performance and quality tips for NVIDIA users" post on this forum. Has anyone seen this before, is there a solution? Thanks.
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