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Found 1 result

  1. Gents, I've been slowly working on textures for CMFI vehices that were present in the North Africa and Tunisia campaigns. This is in addition to other textures already out there for DAK and British vehicles. Here's a peek at the results so far: British Vehicles: Stuart III - (late two-tone Caunter Scheme light stone and slate) Start III Reccy (Light Stone - Blue/Black) Universal Carrier (Light Stone - Dark Green) QF 6lb Gun and Lloyd Carrier (No record of Lloyd's in Africa, Universal Carriers were modified to tow the 6lb gun, but at the universal cant in CMFI have used the Lloyd) QF 17lb Gun - First Used in the Tunisia Campaign (Not 100% accurate as the QF-17lb was rushed into service in North Africa on the 25lb Howitzer carriage) Sherman II (Desert Pink - Blue/Black) Sherman III (Light Stone - Dark Green with mixed border) Sherman 1 (mid production no record of use in North Africa but used to test a paint scheme seen on M3 Grants) Churchill Mk.III King Force style (light stone over Khaki Green No.3) Churchill Mk.I (Light Stone) Churchill Mk. IV (light stone over SCC 2) Jeep (desert Pink) German Vehicles: Marder II (Gelbbraun RAL 8000) Panzer IIIM (Gelbbraun RAL 8000) Panzer IIIN (Braun RAL 8020 with Grau RAL 7027) Panzer IV G (Braun RAL 8020) - Standing in for F2 'special' Panzer VI Tiger (Gelbbraun RAL 8000 with Graugr√ľn RAL 7008) - 131: the last Tiger still in working order. US Vehicles: M5 M4 M4A1 Gun Motor Carriage Half tracks
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