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Found 40 results

  1. ¡Hola a todos! Necesito tu ayuda con este mod. https://imgur.com/AmZu1Hw Estoy tratando de cambiar el casco de infantería sirio por el de operaciones especiales. Cambie el nombre de los archivos "smod_syrian_helmet-spec-ops.mdr" para usarlos con el resto de la infantería, pero el casco se ve con las partes de fijación NVD. Gracias por adelantado. Saludos
  2. Few things I have been working on for your gaming pleasure! Still have work to do for the full RT mod but this was a nice change of pace and theater. It's the early stages but I have been itching to get moving on all the other titles. Mord.
  3. These are two of Kieme's outstanding buildings in HD. I hate Kieme so much I burnt and shot them up. :-) What you get with these buildings in HD: Scorched sides from internal fires Windows above the ground floor have no glass (still function in game terms) Lightly-smoked roofs x 2 – a Syrian delicacy – don't knock it if you haven't tried it Pockmarking from bullet and shell hits Other damage and battle crap Pro government and jihadist slogans/iconography A little easter egg (Yes, I think that sh*t is authentic. They're madder than a barrel of frogs.) Designer's Notes You need Kieme's buildings 4 and 5 to make this work. I recommend all his buildings. Because of the limitations of the way the modular buildings work I suggest you only use it as 1, 2, or 3 storeys as the scorching will look a bit odd otherwise. However it still works with taller buildings, particularly if you add balconies. The pair of buildings aren't too heavily bullet-scarred so they fit in with other structures around. Because of the way the modular buildings work there had to be compromises with the placing of the slogans and decals, but I feel they add a lot of character to the buildings. PUT IN THE Z FOLDER AS USUAL. You can add wrecked Aircon3 to your flavour objects for that extra bit of damage. Links to download files: Bldg 4a http://www.mediafire.com/folder/jq5xx756povzz/4a Bldg 5a http://www.mediafire.com/folder/a63o9rlf3h78s/5a Aircon3 http://www.mediafire.com/folder/2b89t2rv51e30/aircon3 Installation: put in the Z folder as usual. I've put them with the relevant Kieme building folders and that works just fine. Note, I forgot I was using my vanilla modding SF2, so I loaded up Darya Tank Raid which I was halfway through, the semi-finished buildings came up and they looked so good that I had to complete them to play the rest of the scenario.
  4. Got another mod ready - and as it might not be the last, I figured I might as well start a dedicated thread for my own mods. This one is one of my new favorite vehicles in CMFI R2V: The Morris C9B SPAA. A favorite to play with, that is - not to mod! It has been a real PITA to mod, because it has no large surfaces, but millions of little nooks and crannies. Luckily, modding is now over and I enjoy playing with my weathered Morris SPAA. Hope you will too. As always I´ll share it via this Dropbox link - until it is available on CMMODS IV.
  5. Ok, seeing that the main focus is RT at the moment, it's time to migrate this from the General Mods Forum. Anyone interested can catch up here: Refresher: Old vs new portraits. The new portraits together. Their context within (JuJu's awesome) game UI. @Badger73 "These are stunning, @Mord. I might quibble with your choices for Heer Panzer and Heer Panzergrenadieren. I thought German army tankers wore a black coverall of sorts and a tanker's beret. I think the German army armored infantry should have steel helmets. I look forward very much to your finished work. Good luck with this." Ok. Well, it didn't take long for one of them. I am fairly confident this one is a keeper. I am pretty happy with the way it looks and the way it fits into the rest of the design. This German panzer commander strikes a gallant pose, a fitting nemesis for the awesome Soviet tanker (which happens to be one favorite portraits). Mord.
  6. It seems that CMSF2 will be a huge thing for all of us. The game we all waiting for. As a CM series fan and as a guy who likes to make mods sometimes I'm looking forward to play and mod this game. All my mods related to CMSF will be presented in this topic. I never played that very first CMSF game so for me it will be a new thing. Yet, I'm quite sure that this game will be wonderful.
  7. Here is a screen ive made for Combat Mission Black sea as i couldnt find any i liked. https://www.mediafire.com/file/5ff2rchucq9hh9v/Miles-CMBS-Main_Menu.zip/file
  8. Recently I was introduced to this game, and it was totally new experience for me. I found it interesting how this game changes the way you think on a tactical level. Furthermore, I found few elements of this game that I would might want to change a little. After some time playing it, I've decided to make few steps towards allies and their operations. It was their equipment that made me interested. As a history lover, and as a person who enjoys this game I've started my work on few modifications. World War Two setting was an initial insparation for me. Modders that were modding World War Two games here were are masters of what they are doing. The amount of details that some mods are providing is mind blowing. I did quite a few mods here and there and I got a feeling that I will try to enter this room with a big hope to add something that will be enjoyed by other players in their battles. It is time for me to try myself in a big boys game. I'm not sure that everything what I will do will be 100% accurate - but I will try to do my best. With a deep respect to this community I'm opening my new modding space. I hope that some of you will enjoy my stuff. https://imgur.com/GmkEkY4
  9. CMRT: Winter '44 - Compilation mod I present to you a modification for the game in the winter scenarios. I present to you a modification for the game in the winter scenarios. Mod contains winter textures of the earth, buildings, uniforms of soldiers, cars and guns as well as sounds and interface. The following mods were taken as a basis: Mod structure: Test map with all units Test map with Hungarian units How play Hungarian? Just add tags [vengr] in scenario. Dont work in QB. For QB need unpack BZR with Hungarian skins and tags [vengr] in file names. Maps for this mods: Downloads: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4mg4/XxCCi2HWy Total size 7.33 Gb Place in Data\Z folder Offical site FAQ. 1. Soviet tanks? Later 2. Hungarian truck and tank? Later 3. Can I use parts of your mod in mine mod? sure you can. 4. How many you work in ths mod? 40% (Aris and other great peoples) 20% Me. Other Battlefront. Screenshots:
  10. Does anybody have an understanding of mod tags and how to use them? I looked in the 4.0 Engine manual and found a section on mods but not how to use mod tags. Maybe I missed the section so if you know where in the manual and can give me the page number or something that would be great. In one of the game manuals, I think CMBS, I found the following: Mod Tags for most graphics. This allows for multiple mods for the same item without the need to move items in/out of the Mods folder. So does this mean that mod tags are built in and hard coded? I think you can change heavy rocks to building rubble with the use of a mod tag. But it is limited to what BFC coded? It can either be heavy rocks or building rubble? It can’t be changed? I also found a post that said to change the heavy rocks to rubble you had to create and import a txt file. Are there instructions located somewhere on how to do this? I also found in a game manual the following statement: There is the ability to specify mods be used for a specific scenario. This may actually be what I’m looking for (the ability to specify mods be used for a specific scenario). I just released a scenario for testing and before I send the finalized scenario to the Scenario Depot in a few weeks I might want to have the scenario grab and use a handful of specific mods. This is different from the hard coded mode tag ability above I think? How do you specify a certain mod to be used by a certain scenario?? Any guidance on all the above would be appreciated. Or just point me to the reference that explains it. I don't mind reading up on it I just can't find much detail on it. Just general information that mod tags exists.
  11. i don't have a picture but you surely got across the fields in all CM games. Ploughed fields are very annoying under certain angles, is there any mod that could sove this? I have gtx 1070 and ryzen 5 2600 so the pc should be able to handle that. Thanks!
  12. I could've sworn there was a detailed pdf guide to rag-tagging somewhere but unfortunately I cannot seem to find it. Does anyone know where I can find instructions on how to rag-tagging units ? Or if not, is anyone kind enough to educate me on the process and how it works?
  13. Well finally got some time to return to the CM arena. Travelling around a lot so not close to my desktop with CMBN much but run a Mac laptop 'on tour' and am pleased to see CMFB runs really well. Firstly, brilliant game!!!! Easily the most polished in the whole CM arena IMHO and I have quite a few, right back to the first CM. I mean, the atmos that shots like below create for me (mind you, I had to move the FO from there early on, lost them a few times - why is it ALWAYS the darned observers / commanders that get the unlucky bullet LOL - few times I went back to the FO only to see 'DENIED', and of course he'd bought it). Stunning really. I like CMBS too, great range of kit there, just too much AT around in that game for my liking. Couple of well placed AT assets in that can really ruin your day (and for me hunting them down is kinda less interesting), whereas in CMFB your'e lucky if an ATG survives long unless you hide or haul ass ASAP after firing. Both demonstrative of RL, but I like WWII RL more LOL Couple of issues / questions (not complaints!!!) I need to clarify: Buildings and HE. Wow!, do the buildings seem resilient!! Not sure if they are supposed to be that way? I guess there might be buildings of differing resilience or does the type/size affect it? As an example, I played the 3rd scenario in the Training Campaign (where my stand-off and survive tactics for the infantry worked but gave me the unenviable task of trying to dig the Germans out of the village they were thus able to occupy - I wanted as much infantry in tact for the next scenario) so I ended up shelling the row of four buildings that extend to the left horizontally as you look into town from back in the US side. Jeez, I must have pumped 20 HE into each building (or at least it felt like it, I cut off 'Target' after two turns to avoid blowing my whole HE inventory), result ? - damage only!!! Huh?? I'd expect that after 5 shots. After 10 I'd have thought they'd be down. Maybe even after 5-8. Thought I'd seen a thread about HE and buildings somewhere, maybe CMBS, but can't find it now. For me, on the Mac, Alt-Tab doesn't return me to desktop. It might be something to do with how my laptop is set up with using swipe between pages / screens on the toucpad??). At times I really like the movie mode, too much snow though and it's a bit too close to B&W for me, maybe just my machine though. This maybe something I remember wrongly but dismounting from vehicles (now it might work differently in CMFB than BS) BUT IIRC in CMBB if you wanted to dismount a passenger in one turn you could give the vehicle a move order, give it a pause waypoint, give the passenger a move order, and the vehicle another move order which it would execute AFTER the pause (e.g. after the passengers had got off). In CMBS however I got caught out loads of times telling the Stinger transport to move, pause, give the stinger crew time to dismount, then drive on - only to check 3 turns later that the vehicle was driving off into the sunset with the stinger team still on board!!!! Argghhhhhh!!!! Maybe I remember it wrong or it's changed from earlier games? I just thought that giving passengers a move order, they'd execute it as soon as the vehicle stopped or paused long enough, or CAN it actually work like that but just I'm just doing it wrong? Might be worth updating the manual to reflect that preparatory bombardments are ONLY available in attack scenarios. I spent a fair bit of time hunting round for it in the CMFB manual and online after and I couldn't even see how to do it, let alone when you could. Or it may just be that the info is there but that my PDF reader app searcher isn't up to it. Any recommended mods, campaigns or scenarios to DL. I have Juju's UI (a must have for me), I'm trying the HQS 2.5 sound mod (not sure about that TBH, many of them are great (although I wish I could put back the stock intro music as an option) but I needed a break from "Did you see that?". I think the mod from CMBN was AKD, would that work with CMFB? I've seen folks say the AKD mod from CMBS would work but of course there'd be no 'Garand ping' in that. There was a great radio chatter mod for CMBN IIRC, not sure if that would work? Also got the Aris terrain mod which I mostly prefer I think. I like the USA no greatcoat mod too. Not doing TOO many vehicle mods this time around (I think I wasted half my time on CM/CMBB and even CMBN modding it, not playing, and it's not like CMFB needs much - unless there's any must haves Anyway. Thanks BF for a great game!!
  14. Here is my new, modded barn: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5aszwd6czkymgcv/Barn Building 201 Whitewash.zip I shall be uploading it to the official mod sites now. This is a modded, whitewashed, weathered wooden barn based on the independent CMBS building Barn 201. So it should be building201 (03). If you put the folder in your DATA>Z folder it should be available for scenario creation. Shift-left clicking should change the barn till you get this one. (alternatively you could rezpack it into BLACK SEA v100b, using the Mod Tools but I would suggest that is not necessary). It is suitable for anywhere and any period of Combat Mission where they have whitewashed barns. I imagine that's most places. It is in Standard Definition (if you like) so it will load quickly. I considered making it in HD (Like Kieme's Mods) but decided it was simpler this way and will not look out of place near existing buildings. It is fully functional, men on foot can enter and shoot out, and it is destructible, as normal.
  15. Well, after some trials and tribulations I have successfully modded another Independent building. It's a whitewashed and weathered barn, suitable for most periods of CM. The Town of Маленький Mayhem Malenʹkyy Mayhem is on its way, rather slowly, but I think it will now move foward. BTW should I zip it to send it to the two game repositories? As it is an extra building, not a replacement for existing ones it can be used immediately.
  16. Hi everybody, I have successfully modded one building - just a variant on a stock CMBS commercial building and got it to load in the scenario editor. After more reading-around, especially @umlaut 's work, I have come to the conclusion that modding modular buildings is never going to work. Today I modded CMBS independent building 103 - a commercial building, and called it building400 and put it in the Z folder including a renamed .mdr file from the original 103. After opening the Scenario Editor I cannot seem to find it loading. Any ideas? Please. Second request: I know know how to mod flavour objects. What I want to do is turn the posters through 90 degrees to make them into shop/wall signs and billboards. If info is right there is "space" for at least 5 more poster designs, but I need an appropriate .mdr file. AFAIK calling it poster5.mdr will mean it turns up in the right place in the scenario editor. Unfortunately I have failed to open a .mdr file and don't know what to do. Anybody able to manipulate one of the poster mdr files so the alignment is changed by 90 degrees? Thanks Julian
  17. Hello everyone! The other day I was driving through my home city and thinking about CMBS (as you do!). And as I drove I was looking at the variety of buildings on display and how they are all different shapes and sizes, often curved and following the bends of the street, and I thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool to have a modern city environment like this in CMBS"... I.e. Buildings of a great variety of shapes and sizes, different architectures (a mix of modern and old) that follow the curves of streets. Offices and shops. And what about huge built-up industrial areas with massive factories? I have also been watching the seminal 1970s documentary series The World At War (if you haven't seen it, you should!), specifically the episode on Stalingrad and the grim fighting amongst the rubble and destroyed buildings - I thought here too, wouldn't it be cool to have a destroyed city to fight within, where your troops can take shelter amongst broken walls and buildings, hide within a dilapidated factory? A sniper in the broken buildings... I guess the question I am posing - is it possible to mod the buildings in this way? With the greatest respect, many of the stock buildings are quite basic and follow the same patterns in the shape of a square. I would love to have a battle in a realistic city, with restaurants, cafes, and factories, where the architecture is diverse. Or is this too complicated and beyond the game engine/graphics capabilities? Just wondering... Yours... A.
  18. CMA: 101st Motorized Rifle Regiment BTR-70 By Oleksandr This mod adds recamouflaged BTR-70 + a tactical sign of “101st Motorized Rifle Regiment.” 101st Motorized Rifle Regiment was deployed in Afghanistan in late December of 1979 and remained there up untill January 1989. It was an active element of “5th Guards Zimnovnikovskaya Order of Kutuzov Motorized Rifle Division Named After the 60th Anniversary of the USSR” division (and yes this is the name of the unit, yes that long). 101st Motorized Rifle Regiment took an active role in several major USSR operations in Afghanistan. Link to Download: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=5710
  19. Hi, I downloaded a few mods from CMMODSiii.com and the instructions to get them to work say to create a directory called Z in the games data dir. On the Mac all I have is the Documents Folder and the Game Files Folder. I created a folder called Z in the Game Files Folder but nothing seems to happen. They don't load. How do you get Mods to work on a Mac version of the Combat Mission games? I have all of the games and love playing them but Id like to get a few of the Mods working if possible. Thank you, E
  20. HI all I have tried to install a mod for the first time, into CMBS. It is Neighbours from Hell. I have put Blimey's Separatists.brz into the Mod folder and the Neighbours from hell.btt into the Quick Battles but that clearly isn't right. I have read through the manual section but that hasn't made thing any clearer.
  21. Hello. Is there a way of adding additional walls to any of the games other than the vanilla walls? I understand there are mods that rework the vanilla walls (I use them) but I was wondering whether it was possible to have a greater choice of diverse walls, fences, etc... ? A.
  22. This topic came up in a different thread. I moved the topic to this thread to not further derail the original. An African Mod pack was created for CMSF 1 which allows many scenarios to be created for the various conflicts, bush wars and proxy wars on the continent. I don't know if it will work in the new CMSF 2. If not possibly a new, updated one could be created. To show what this mod can do are a few screenshots from @Combatintman's Operation Barras set in Sierra Leone. Here is a link to the scenario: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2/cm-shock-force/op-barras-a-coy-1-para-sierra-leone/ Really looking forward to CMSF 2.
  23. The specialist of portraits is back... welcome to you Mord, and happy birthday again...but we dont listen about the others good modders like Aris, EZ, Juju, JorgeMC, Umlaut, Oddballs,...and all the others ones that i forget, anybody know something about them...? Probably they will come back fresh and full news ideas In Charge to modding The awaiting new modules...
  24. Hi all, After a long hiatus from CMBN, I just upgraded to v3 (if you're here you likely noticed the self-inflicted cluster that was my upgrade process). I mainly did so in order to use the mods on greenasjade. I'd installed tons of them in my Z folder but only a few of them took effect. I figured since v2 was so out of date I might need to upgrade but the upgrade to v3 had no effect on the mods - the few that already worked still work but that's it. The first one I installed as a test was the Wirblewind and that worked fine but that, the SS camo and some of the terrain mods are the only ones functioning. I also noticed a few people saying v4 had various glitches on their systems so I thought I'd just stick to v3. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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