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Found 2 results

  1. This is an interesting article from Southfront. ATGM and local conflicts ATGM article
  2. It has been a (minor) issue as far back as CMSF as I recall. I was just wondering if there was any possibility of a "Target heavy" command to avoid TacAI issues with reluctance to fire heavier (ATGMs on IFVs, rockets and missiles for dismounts) at targets deemed unworthy. It would certainly be helpful for those times when you really, really want your infantry to launch and RPG into the building before assaulting it, but as it stands right now, the odds there are hit-or-miss with no player control involved. I think it is becoming even more of an issue with gear like the BMP-3 where you might want a cannon round, but it sticks with 30mm or the Bradley not firing a TOW at an obvious target holed up inside a building. I am most definitely not suggesting taking away the TacAI's ability to function as it stands today or forcing players to micromanage ATGM shots. I would just like a command to guarantee the heaviest weapon for non-AFVs/infantry squads will be used. Thoughts?
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