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Found 1 result

  1. My friend and I have been playing CM since the first release. We don't like the newer versions, I won't go into details as it's not relevant for this topic. What I am looking for is a Operational type game that doesn't auto-resolve combat I know - all do. I want to be able to move pieces on a map and when enemy forces meet provide me with a list of equipment and men for both players so I can create a CM based tactical battle. After the battle the new values would be plugged back into the operational layer (manually of course as there's no way to automate this) Long term we are looking at using the Unity engine to create our own Operational layer but we want to use a 3rd party program first. Many years ago I used Aide de Camp 2 (board game converter) - but it's so old now I can't even make it run anymore. Is there anything out there that doesn't auto-resolve combat and allows values to be entered? Thanks - TB