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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Community! Lately I have been getting really into CM, and this is not a small amount of "getting into" It is worse than any man-crush or fem-crush imaginable. My first conundrum was to pick a scenario, and wrestling with the decision to do an AAR on the forums or just badger friends with how great this game is and my ideas for a mission. I finally convinced myself to give AAR a go.. But I had already played most of the games scenarios and a big part of CM for me is to plan for an engagement and the unknown. A quick solution came to mind because I quickly turned to my good friend Google, he told me about a new thing called the scenario depotIII and a thing called a few good men and greenasjade. I was thrilled… After careful consideration I found a new scenario with both Bon Giorno and Tomahawk in its name. Some might call it a bit childish, but I am okay with it as I am sometimes finding myself being drawn to names and a good cover art over a deeper read through of the content. After a quick download I fired up the game and the process began.. MDMP.. here we go.. that process took about 4 hours and mind you it still is only a rough sketch and I must give a shout out to combatintman for the rehash of the formula. This AAR follows a rough idea of how I want the presentation to be like, so this is more of a plan, execute and show tid bits of action as the battle unfolds. So without further stalling here it is..
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