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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I decided to play CM:RT again yesterday after a long hiatus and chose to play a quick battle as the Germans (Axis attack, medium sized town map, human selection of forces). The game launched, and I was greeted by the inspiring sight of my Panther platoon and attached mechanised infantry in a field opposite a large forest, within or behind which I knew some Soviet SU-85 assault guns were lurking. Not wishing to advance into the obligatory turn 1 AI artillery barrage (one of my pet hates about QBs) I did not issue any orders and just clicked the start button. Within seconds, one of my Panther's was in flames - hit by an SU-85 deep within the forest. We are talking extremely deep here - hundreds of metres of dense woodland! Naturally I rage-quit immediately, having wasted a good half hour carefully purchasing the forces for each side to give the best possible battle only to see a ridiculous impossible shot take out one of my best units in the first few seconds of play. This is a bug, pure and simple. I will not be persuaded that it can be anything but a bug. I checked all the angles and the Line of Sight was clearly passing through multiple trees - not just a few; dozens and dozens. Now for some "constructive" criticism. To my mind the issue is that tree foliage is being ignored by the game engine and LOS is being calculated purely on the trunks of the trees. It might include the branches also but this is debatable given how unbelievably far this shot went through half a map's worth of dense forest. My proposed solution to this is to somehow treat foliage like crops. Fields of tall crops easily block LOS in the game at present. I can only imagine that this is because the game engine treats fields of crops "en masse" for LOS blockage, as I cannot imagine that every single husk of corn is being checked for LOS. Maybe if the LOS is a certain height over a crop tile, the game just calls it blocked. Well, if this is indeed how it works, I think a similar sort of rule should be applied to tree foliage. Thoughts and comments welcomed.
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