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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I need any info you guys have on what kind of formations the Canadians, Germans, and Hollish would use in SF2. For the US Army I just used divisions, USMCs I used battalions, the Brits I used Brigades and then the sub formations under them. So, if you can, I need a list looking something like this: Hollish 5th Hollish Clog Hoppers Div/Brigade etc (whatever formation they deploy as now). Armor/Mech/Infantry <----so I know what kind of portrait it should be. Canadians Princess of Back Bacon Brigade/Div Armor/Mech/Infantry Germans Schnebblenebblewaffenhosen Div Armor/Mech/Infantry The US Army uses CBTs so I can end up having multiple portraits under the same division. EXAMPLE: the 4th division has Stryker, Heavy Infantry, and Infantry sharing a patch. So let me know if there is anything like that, please. I'll try and answer any questions etc. I am busy modding my ass off. I've put in 24 since Saturday and already have four under my belt today but I'll check back in periodically. Ok. Thanks. Mord.
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