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Found 12 results

  1. Assuming you change an infantry animation by renaming a particular file, say "mp40-reload-c-kneel.ani" to "mp40-reload-c-stand.ani", which will result in the MP40 reloading magazine standing stance, change to reloading MP40 magazine in kneeling stance ingame(tested and works). Now the question: Is the particular soldier still registered as "standing" for LOS/LOF to the OPFOR? Or in other words, ...is standing, kneeling and prone stance "hard coded", no matter, what animation actually is played? My aim is to get individual soldiers less exposed, when not actually engaging a target, or observing. In the case of weapon (magazine) reload, I want to get soldiers down to next best cover stance. Standing to kneel, kneel to prone. Prone as is. I also get buddy aiding soldiers down to prone, by renaming a halfway suited file to "unarmed-tend to casualty.ani" and put this into the data/z folder. I currently use "unarmed-reload-m240-d-prone.ani" for this purpose. It´s not perfect, but for now it does the purpose animation wise.
  2. It seems that CMSF2 will be a huge thing for all of us. The game we all waiting for. As a CM series fan and as a guy who likes to make mods sometimes I'm looking forward to play and mod this game. All my mods related to CMSF will be presented in this topic. I never played that very first CMSF game so for me it will be a new thing. Yet, I'm quite sure that this game will be wonderful.
  3. I just went all in on Shock Force 2, getting the big bundle (But missed the manual hilariously), and now I'm trying to figure out who can do what within the game, along with doing the tutorial campaign. Being used to Battle for Normandy, I was so surprised when the movement/combat/tactics buttons, just don't include things like taking scouts or anti tank men from the unit group, splitting them up for more selective missions. From playing things like Steel Beasts, DCS, Arma, and studying, I am most comfortable with vehicles. I know how they work, what they do, how to make them kick ass, especially because of Steel Beasts. However, I don't know a lot about infantry. Ignoring the armor differences, I don't know the doctrine of the british military, vs marines, vs nato. Things like unit composition are most important to me when it comes to this, and, if you truly can't break units apart, how can you use them effectively in standard situations? Equipment lists for standard units? What their effective range is, etc. I'd love any advice you guys could give
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before, but does body armor for formations that have it actually affect anything? As in, is a US soldier more likely to survive a hit or shrapnel than a Syrian militia or unconventional fighter?
  5. Hi there New Mod in the CMMODs Mod 6 for CMBN but also all categorie of CMs games. This represents soldiers on movements with combat gear and weapons. You will listen : Soldiers crawing, walking, running with combat gear with their weapons and cartridges, listen shoks helmets, but also listen, noise of mess tin and water bowl, (water moving in bottle when they are moving ), showel, gaz mask...reserve whisky, pin up poster, cigarettes,lighter... and all what a soldier can carry on with him ! Enjoy ! And please let me know !!! JM
  6. So, I'm busily recording the big grand finale of the next TTP video, and I came across some very strange behavior: When ordered to cross a section of cleared minefields, infantry seem to actively avoid the clear sections, and wander outside the lane. Having run into a minefield, my M4A3 reversed, and the Crab went forward to clear the mines. At this point, I figured I'd cross a Team, so I placed a movement waypoint one AS short of the lane, and the next waypoint directly across the far side of the lane, much like you'd plot a bridge movement. The Squad Leader, in his infinite wisdom, decided to run outside of the cleared path, and steps on a mine. I send the Crab in again to clear this newly discovered lane, and order the remainder of the Squad across it. While the rest of the Squad is running across, one man wanders outside the lane and is killed. So, I order the Crab in again, to clear another lane, and now I have a section of cleared minefields, three action spots wide. In other words, it's a wide open highway and you can't possibly miss it. So I order the next Squad to Assault Move through the gap, (I was still under sporadic rifle fire), and two of the three Teams deliberately avoid this cleared section, wandering well outside the lane, and two more men are killed. Remember, the total length of the movement orders did not exceed 4 Action Spots, and the total length of the cleared area was 4 Action Spots. So within 32 meters, Teams are deviating from their assigned path by more than 8 meters. I don't know if this is a bug with the new behaviors or not, which is why I appended a question mark to the thread title, but can we have a tweak to infantry behavior? Something like, "cling to cleared minefields like a drowning man clinging to a life raft"? No one in their right mind would deliberately avoid a cleared minefield like this. Not to this extraordinary extent. Not saying no one's ever done it, but when you have a clearly marked path directly in front of you, you're not going to be a trail-blazer. I set up a Dropbox folder with a save file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8x8dj1ydxmlx31f/AABctJ0_DjZpTvRQKH8qbxvda?dl=0
  7. Just installed my copy of CMFB yesterday . . . is there a way to give my German infantry more Sturmgewehr 44's? I think it stinks that out of two platoons of infantry, only one soldat is armed with one! Yes, yes - I know: historical accuracy/rarity . . .
  8. Love the CM2 platform for a variety of reasons but am I the only one that finds it tedious and daunting to manage anything more than a few platoons of infantry? And once you start splitting infantry up into teams and trying to use them with sound coordinated tactics, the workload obviously multiplies. Furthermore, when the bullets start flying and units get spread out and disorganized, my willingness to control them with same level of detail as before goes out the window. Am I too focused on micromanaging? For large engagement with a company or more of infantry, is it better to use generalized grouped orders and not be as concerned with organization and losses? In my combined arms battles I consistently find my infantry to be responsible for very few enemy casualties as compared to my mortars, tanks and artillery. Any tips from the CM2 veterans out there on how to organize and manage large formations of infantry and still keep the game fun? Thanks, -Mark
  9. The following screenshots show the evolution and composition of Combat Missions US Armor/Mech. Infantry. It follows 1st Squad from July 1943 to July 2017. I tried to get a screenshot whenever there was a change in the TOE. (I may have missed some.) In the screenshots I split 1st Squad down into its fire teams. I always used the same split. Assault team spilt off first (A-Team). When a second split was allowed it was Anti-Tank (C-Team). Leaving the base team (B-Team). Some months the Platoon HQ was part of 1st Squad. The squad’s vehicle is also shown in the screenshots. The screenshots not only illustrate the evolution of a US squad of armored/mech. infantry but also helps to show just how detailed and cool this game is. CMFI July 1943 Armored Infantry Nine men (Can only be split into two teams) Weapons list: Nine M1 Garands Special equipment: Binoculars CMFI December 1943 Armored Infantry Ten men (Up to three teams) Weapons list: Nine M1 Garands, One Springfield Special equipment: Binoculars, AT grenade CMBN June 1944 Armored Infantry Ten men (Up to three teams) with Platoon HQ in 1st Squad Weapons list: Eight M1 Garands, Two M1 Carbines Special equipment: Binoculars, AT grenade More to follow.
  10. Yep. I had to take a break from the monotony of making German shields for RT. Been messing with these for about a month and after much angst decided they were good enough. Coming to a Repos near you... Mord,
  11. Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a few different CMBS scenarios, the first of which is ready for public testing. If anyone is interested post here or send me a PM. I can e-mail or Dropbox the file as necessary. It's a custom map approximately 800 x 800 meters set at night and pitting a US Bradley platoon (+) vs. approximately a platoon of Russian defenders. The US rifle platoon plus some snipers and Javelin teams start on map, with their Bradleys arriving at approximately the halfway point of the scenario. It's intended as a not particularly difficult, infantry-centric fight; the force size should be pretty manageable and I think the time limit is fairly generous. Briefing excerpt in the spoilers: I have had one tester go through it already and results were mostly positive, barring some objective quirks which have since been adjusted. However, since this would be my first published scenario, I would like to get as much feedback as I can before putting it on the Repository. I also have a couple other scenarios in various stages of completion (one just starting testing and one with the map about 50% complete) that I will hopefully be looking for testers on in the not-too-distant future, which I'll post about here as well when/if the time comes.
  12. Guys, a.) Love the game. Take that as read. Long, long time fan of all CM products. b.) I am seeing a number of support weapons teams with massive ammo loads. A BTR based AT-14 team, dismounted with 3 men and 14 rounds!!! I've handled a real AT-14 and you can carry 2 round per man max. A 120mm mortar team, dismounted with 5 men, with 22 rounds. - again, for real that's not an act of war given the need to pack the mortar as well. This seems to be less of an issue with specialist teams, but the mortar teams are certainly overloaded to very unrealistic degree as concerns ammo. .... but overall, an amazing product that is delivering more than a few professional insights.
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