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Found 1 result

  1. I took a news article I saw on the health effects of binge watching entire TV series a la Netflix HBO Gbox and realized this works the same way for us marathon computer gamers. Admittedly I can go long stretches playing Battlefront games and others. The article suggested using a one hour timer, place it somewhere where you must get up to reset it once it goes off. The very act of just getting up and moving could make the difference of preventing a clot forming and stem some cardiac factors. If you are inclined to do a little stretch or jumping jack at that time, all the better, but not essential. My wife laughed and figured this little fad of mine wasn't going to last. 6 weeks now and its second nature. For the realtime multiplayer competitive gamers: nope this aint gonna work for those sessions. If you predominantly play against the AI this though it might be a good idea.
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