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Found 1 result

  1. This seems to have been happening with my battles for quite some time. I've never posted about it but I'm getting tired of dealing with this since it's caused me to lose one PBEM battle and come pretty close to losing some battles against the AI (inexcusable). It doesn't happen all the time, but every now and then I'll call in artillery and even though the spotter has a clear LOS and isn't under stress . . . the shots fall nowhere near the target. This has occurred in the last two battles that I've played which has prompted me to write about it. You can see in the screenshot exactly what I'm talking about. The shots are falling to the far right of the screen when you can clearly see that the spotter is supposed to be directing them on a point to the far left of the screen. This strike is almost falling on my own guys and it's a good thing I didn't move them forward. In the last battle I called a linear strike on a treeline . . . and the whole thing fell in a line about fifty yards in front of the target . . . in an open field. My game is fully patched. What's the deal? I've been wanting to play PBEM again . . . but I'm hesitant to do so with this artillery thing going on.
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