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Found 1 result

  1. We have played numerous v1.03 PBEM matches using H2HH 2.9.0/Dropbox and have now run into a wall with Studienka. The problem manifests itself on my computer. We progress successfully to me issuing the file with the initial Russian orders, but my machine refuses to recognise the file he sends in return. It does not matter if the first file is generated by my PBEM partner (Studienka 005) or me (Studienka 004). We have tried it both ways, and the same problem appeared both times. The file is properly downloaded & named and it is in the correct Incoming Email folder but it does not show up in the list on the SAVED GAME page (yes, Incoming Email is selected for display - I can see the other files in that folder). This time, I opened all four files in Word and noticed that the 004 file (the unrecognised one) had a slightly different string of characters at the start compared to the other three files, so I did a copy-paste to bring it in line with the first three files (renamed Studienka 004x). This did not help: the programme jams/crashes when I click on the SAVED GAMES button (but not other buttons). Removing the 004x file from the folder restores functionality. WTF(ile) is going on? [Files too big to attach - 36 to 38 Mb each]
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