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Found 4 results

  1. Want to try the demo but no matter how many time I reinstall or run it in compatibility mode. the game keeps booting up with a black screens after the splash screen. Please help. I want to buy the full game but I am not gonna do that until I know the game is able to boot fully on my PC. I have tried this on another PC wit the same result
  2. Hello Been trying to finish a PBEM running through the CMFB Demo and have run in to this error with my opponents latest PBEM file: Opponent has apparently re-played/re-created the file and sent again and still getting same issue. Problem PBEM available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9kca1xq1z9hv5r5/Battle%20for%20Chaumont%20-%20Second%20Round%20084.ema?dl=0
  3. BeforE I start, it is important to note that I am writing this based on my experience with the demo version and may be wrong about how I believe the game works. Please feel free to correct me. The camera is a very important part of an rts and I believe it is done poorly in combat mission. A more suiting camera control method would have two modes, rts and cinema. Rts mode would point sightly at the ground. The camera height would be for a point that rides over the ground. when rotated it would spin using this point as aneeded axis. When zoomed, using scroll wheel, the camera remain aimed at the point, but will pull in closer horizontaly and vericaly. It should stop at head height. The camera would control the same, (maybe with out strafing on the sides? Please share thoughts), I also enjoyed the keyboard controlls. The second mode should be a free flying camera. The movement would be a wasd, with the movement applied localy, means if you look down and press 'w' you go down. Scroll would be zoom and 'q' & 'e' would be up and down (In the world axises, not the camera's). The rotation would work as a first person shooter's. Both systems the movement would accelerate from a slow pace to top pace, for more control.
  4. Helo everyone. I have recently downloaded the demo for CM Black Sea, in order to see how the game runs on my mediocre laptop. However whenever i attempt to run it it opens the page that says: Battlefront.com Home of superior warand stratergy games and then the window closes and it says the program has stopped responding. Any idea how to help? It is demo version 1.1 by the way. Any help is appreciated
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