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Found 2 results

  1. I went back to one of my earliest QBs from CMBS, where I didn't do particularly well. Strykers and Hummvees v. Russian infantry. I restarted it from the beginning and did much better. But I took a lot of vehicle crew casualties, especially Stryker gunners - that's a job I wouldn't want, along with those Roman guys who spent their days up to their knees in urine; I forget why - tanning leather? Anyway, I obviously had functioning vehicles with no gunners, and ones with their weapons smashed, but crew OK, or just a driver, so I wanted to recombine them to have some to return to the fray, and a LMTV which had no M2 gunner. But it didn't seem to work, bit puzzled, hope someone can throw some light on this. Obviously we have solved the issue of Russian BMP/BTR dismount - by having a Strela guy mount up as leader - I do like this multi-tasking :-), which works. (Although it's an exploit, which purists may abhor). I was also slighly puzzled by the damage inflicted on the 'armoured' HMMVs - basically the gunner gets killed or the weapon is knocked out, but no other casualties seem to be suffered by small arms fire. There's no vehicles immobilised by tyre or engine damage, no other crew casualties caused by penetrating fire. I don't know, but I find that unlikely.
  2. Dear community i got a stunning graphical problem since the 3.11 patch (i guess) i was hoping the issue will be fixed with the 3.12 patch but the problem is still there. When afv crews are opened up, the main MG gunner of halftracks ( both german and allies) stand up their arms wide open and without helmet. Nevertheless caliber 50 and Mg's are firing properly. I own -CMbN. -MG. -VEHICLE PAK. I ve attached a pics resuming my install, maybe the clue lies here. Thank's a lot for your welcomed help.
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