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Found 1 result

  1. A couple of threads have prompted this poll. I hope that: a) it works (it's my first poll ever anywhere; be gentle with me ) it has some use or entertainment value. BFC is convinced that nobody would pay an economically sustainable price to make spending a lot of development time on AI improvement to the detriment of new features. I'm thinking that if the game is largely feature-complete (what's missing? Flares and proper nighttime illumination sources; environmental fire; mast-mounted vision equipment... can't think of anything else immediately) and they're working on a UI improvement already, perhaps an AI upgrade might be next if there's enough support for it. Whadday'all think? Edit: by "Nobody" I mean "insufficient people". Edit2: I know there are only 4 game families in the upgradeable stream at the moment; I added "all of them" because Bulge, at least, will be out before anything of this ilk gets a green light.
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