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Found 5 results

  1. Looking for opponentS (more than 1) for cmbs and CMSF pbem,wego Turn based ,real time, all is played 3-10 turns per day
  2. Can anyone give a solid answer as to the differences between the first version of the CMx2 engine ("v.0") that was used for CMSF and CMA (not upgradeable, apparently) and the newest version (v.3) that is used for CMBS (and WWII titles CMFB, CMRT, and CMFI (and probably soon CMBN))? I own and play CMBS. I have been watching gameplay videos of CMSF and CMA - also set in modernish settings with similar equipment - and am struggling to notice the difference. The model skins are different (with some necessary exceptions). But in terms of animations (e.g. infantry unit movement (running, hunting, jumping in/out of vehicles), vehicle movement (tank track flexibility, which is great either way, I wouldn't have them change it), explosion and ballistic animations), there is no noticeable difference to my eye. My guess is that the main differences have to due with AI (e.g. infantry don't throw grenades as easily maybe).
  3. does cmsf has armor penetration system as detailed as 3.0 games?(like cmbs,cmbn,...) as you know, there is no armor hit decals in cmsf. but sometimes I saw MBT's ERA has partially gone by enemy AP rounds.
  4. CMBS and CMSF with all of the addons have just been installed , updated to the latest versions available so I am looking for an opponent - either side in virtually any scenario should be fine with me, elite, PBEM via mail or Dropbox, a turn per day at least guaranteed HTH is someone is insisting should be feasible. Elite level, open to honour rules like no arty barrages on 1st turn.
  5. Hello you guys, I'm not sure if this belongs here, but it's kind of annoying. I've modded CMSF for me, and I've added some sounds, specifically new voices (because let's face it, the voice acting sucks in CMSF). However, these new voices sound like chipmunks whenever the troops talk. I've made sure that they are .WAV files and are compatible with the software. Is there a parameter I have to fix? Is there a fix to this at all? Thanks, Fightrt1
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