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Found 29 results

  1. Hey all, Bought CMBS a couple of days ago (+ module expansion and upgrade to engine v.4), great game so far - thing is it keeps crashing.. Multiple times per day Spec: Windows 10 pro x64 Ryzen 1800X GeForce 1060 6GB - driver : 391.01 32GB RAM No extra AV - just windows defender Haven't tried anything funny e.g. edit the memory, no mods. Occasional alt+tabbing (never had a crash when alt+tabbing). Settings = all to highest. The dev(s) have some rather meaningful exceptions, no readable text, all numbers, look different every time, same generic reason (unhandled exception, different libraries mentioned every time). Haven't found a coredump anywhere any ideas? Thx
  2. I have prepared a video AAR of a mission from The Charge of the Stryker Brigade campaign. I have had some issues with the design of some missions in the campaign, but most missions are masterfully designed, including this one. Enjoy.
  3. Hey all, Bought CMBS a couple of days ago, great game so far - thing is it keeps crashing.. Multiple times per day Spec: Windows 10 pro x64 Ryzen 1800X GeForce 1060 6GB - driver : 391.01 32GB RAM No extra AV - just windows defender Haven't tried anything funny e.g. edit the memory, no mods. Occasional alt+tabbing (never had a crash when alt+tabbing). Settings = all to highest. The dev(s) have some rather meaningful exceptions, no readable text, all numbers, look different every time, same generic reason (unhandled exception, different libraries mentioned every time). Haven't found a coredump anywhere any ideas? Thx
  4. Hi got no folders to put my downloads in can any one help
  5. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-black-sea/cm-black-sea-add-ons/summer-in-the-city-by-the-forger/ Uploaded a scenario to the above. Map based on Worcester, UK. Its a bit of a monster TBH. Blue versus AI with 5x AI plans. H2H maybe a little easy for the Russians. Hope people download and enjoy it, or at least appreciate the level of effort required!
  6. This original scenario has been randomized and expanded so that no two games will play alike, and so you and the AI opponent have more forces at your disposal making for a more intense experience. There are 5 different AI plans and all reinforcements have been set for random deployment times. As this is an alteration of an existing scenario you can expect to play the same objectives and general flow of the battle but with more opposition and some surprises. The reinforcements have been designed to keep you on your toes and to counter those of your AI opponent. However don't get complacent or throw away your forces - you will need them. Feedback welcome and appreciated. you can email me at xxnightopsxx@gmail.com Thanks to the scenario author for the original scenario and Battlefront for one of the best and most unique war game simulations around. Keep up the good work. You can download from these locations: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-black-sea/cm-black-sea-add-ons/rdm-first-clash-cmbs/ https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B0HhNCJWAbKmcUF0VHRERzdvYTA
  7. Hi I am a new player not only to CMBS (which I bought a few days ago), but also to the Combat Mission series. I want to try some PBEM battle with a real opponent. Since I am the new guy, I will set this battle: meeting engagement battle size: small (~5500pts, rarity: standard) length: 1 hour (60 turns) map: automatically selected, size: medium, environment: hills, day, light rain, damp ground, preview allowed combat force: mix on both sides (no restrictions, human purchase for both) EW strength: none for both Force adjustment: +10% for me I willl play Russia, opponent can choose from USA or UKR skill level: warrior If anybody is interested, drop me a PM with your email.
  8. When loading any of the CMx2 games, occasionally I have a problem when a PBEM file finishes loading and the map screen appears. The view will start moving rapidly as though I was applying one of the view controls. Most often it's one of two variations, either the map is spinning rapidly to the right, or the map jumps to the maximum high overhead view or the maximum low ground level view. Sometimes I can resolve it by applying the view control buttons to match the movement of the map screen. Sometimes I can resolve it by zooming in the view and then zooming back out. Sometimes I can resolve it by quitting and re-loading. I have turned off the "mouse edge of screen" feature with no effect. I currently have a game of CMBS going, and I am having this problem (spinning rapidly to the right) and nothing I have tried over the last hour has resolved it. Have other players experienced this issue?
  9. RDM – Rolling Thunder This original scenario has been randomized and expanded so that no two games will play alike, and so you and the AI opponent have more forces at your disposal making for a more intense experience. There are 5 different AI plans and all reinforcements have been set for random deployment times. As this is an alteration of an existing scenario you can expect to play the same objectives and general flow of the battle but with more opposition and some surprises. The reinforcements have been designed to keep you on your toes and to counter those of your AI opponent. However don’t get complacent or throw away your forces – you will need them. Feedback welcome and appreciated. you can email me at xxnightopsxx@gmail.com Thanks to the scenario author for the original scenario and Battlefront for one of the best and most unique war game simulations around. Keep up the good work. DOWNLOAD: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-black-sea/cm-black-sea-add-ons/rdm-rolling-thunder_v1/
  10. Getting an annoying situation where both the games are crashing at specific times during certain scenarios. CMBS crashes when playing Rollin' on the River and CMRT crashes during user scenario CMRT Firebrigade von Saucken at 01:05 game time. saving the game doesn't help and neither does restarting the scenario from scratch. The game just stops responding and the Windows cursor goes into busy mode forcing a CTRL+ALT+DEL to get back to Windows and then selecting CLOSE PROGRAM on the THIS PROGRAM HAS STOPPED RESPONDING dialog box. I hadn't played either scenario before the v4.0 update so can't say if the issue is specific to the update or not.
  11. Looking for opponentS (more than 1) for cmbs and CMSF pbem,wego Turn based ,real time, all is played 3-10 turns per day
  12. Hi, wondering if someone can help.....I've recently reinstalled all my CM games after losing a hard drive and CMBS is causing me a problem: When I exit the game, my whole system locks up, Alt+Tab & Ctrl+Alt+Del do nothing. Eventually I kind of get my desktop back, but everything is well and truly locked up and I eventually have to turn the power off.....This happens every time I exit the game (which otherwise seems to function normally). My Machine: Intel I7-3770 @ 3.4-3.9Ghz 16Gb RAM Windows 7 64bit home edition (fresh install) NVidia GeForce 660 GTX (current drivers) Any suggestions would be very welcome.
  13. Question to the clever brain !!! Because we have all informations to created or playing an existing scenario/campaign, it will be interresting to create a link to loading some files in the brz format for exemple. The link could be taking of a .btt or .cam we could make a link, and this link will for exemple loading 1 file in a format .Brz that we could created ourself in advance, this file could be a part of the many many mods that we have in the cmmods or repository and for each scen/cmp we could have the mods that we need or wishes this will cost us a little preparation before playing but will be really really helpfull !! Loading for exemple each mods that we want to play a respective scenario and playing the role of the famous "Z folder" ...I hear you all already laughing about my proposition but this will be really really nice and helpfull !! Suggestions...Reports...Comments...
  14. Hi all. I decided to post my most recent findings in regarding minefields and mine removal in CMBS. Some or all of this might be known to some of you but since I have complained about this subject in the past I think it is appropriate to talk about these rather positive findings and thoughts: First up the problems I complained about in the past: CMBS and engineers in CM-games in general lack the ability to completely remove mines, especially ANTI-TANK mines. Infantry can move across marked minefields with relative safety but vehicles cannot. CMBS does not have any dedicated engineering vehicles commonly found in modern mechanized armies. This I hope will get remedied in the next CMBS module since CMBN already got the allied sherman crabs. Due to these reasons I came to the conclusion that mine warfare is simply too effective and completely unfun (it still is but maybe to lesser degree) and thus it is not really feasible to use them as element of scenario design in realistic proportions. Mines are still very relevant on the modern battlefield as can be attested by the abundant use of mines in current Donbass conflict and elsewhere. I found this very disturbing and somewhat depressing since I had in my mind to make several scenarios representing realistic use of mines and defensive light infantry tactics against mechanized attacker. Now on the the new (at least for me) findings: In CMBS with the current (1.4) patch there are three possible and easy workarounds for clearing a safe path through moderately deep (2 AS) minefields: NON-AIRBURST regular tank cannon rounds of t-72b3 can remove mines by firing directly at the (preferably marked) mined action squares from close range. This will take many rounds but I think it is somewhat appropriate work around to simulate mine-roller or plow fitted t-72 engineer variants. I was previously under the impression that only 152mm artillery rounds where capable of detonating antitank mines in CMBS. Point target 152mm artillery is more than able to take out minefields in few turns (with some luck). Once again marking the path through the minefield helps to confirm that the mines have indeed detonated. This is to some degree old news but for some reason seems now more viable option especially when combined with the newly discovered tank cannon method. It is also possible for the scenario author to place barbed wire on top of the minefields that can be then BLASTED with engineers resulting in the AT mines exploding as well. This however is very dangerous and will most likely result in engineer casualties but resembles to some degree the use of bangalore torpedo like explosive devices in mine removal duty (which is also very dangerous in reality). Naturally this solution is sub optimal but possible should the scenario author wish to use it. Hopefully this is of some help to people. Cheers! -H1nd
  15. Can anyone give a solid answer as to the differences between the first version of the CMx2 engine ("v.0") that was used for CMSF and CMA (not upgradeable, apparently) and the newest version (v.3) that is used for CMBS (and WWII titles CMFB, CMRT, and CMFI (and probably soon CMBN))? I own and play CMBS. I have been watching gameplay videos of CMSF and CMA - also set in modernish settings with similar equipment - and am struggling to notice the difference. The model skins are different (with some necessary exceptions). But in terms of animations (e.g. infantry unit movement (running, hunting, jumping in/out of vehicles), vehicle movement (tank track flexibility, which is great either way, I wouldn't have them change it), explosion and ballistic animations), there is no noticeable difference to my eye. My guess is that the main differences have to due with AI (e.g. infantry don't throw grenades as easily maybe).
  16. I am in the process of designing a mini campaign at my spare time (the luck of which explains why it is taking so long). Basically it is my first campaign so it is a kind of self training. The question is: If I want to use the same map in two separate battles, it there a way any damage inflicted on the buildings of the first battle to be carried forward to the next battle taking place on the same area?
  17. Here is my new year's modest gift for the community. Enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9z2aTq5oxcqMHNBXzJ0eGJ2Zk0/view?usp=sharing As usual, here is the briefing as teaser: ___________________ A veteran Russian Recon Company has established temporary headquarters in the factory complex shown on your map. The factory complex is full of workers which for the moment are held captive. The Russians carry with them key pieces of information and our agents among the workers of the factory have identified the locations where the relevant computer rooms have been established. Same agents have also given us have a pretty good idea about the buildings in which the enemy is established. Further we assume that the Battalion commander and the Company commander are in possession of vital information as well. Intelligence suggests that there are some BMP-2Ms in the vicinity as well as two SAM platforms. Your mission is to search the designated locations and if possible question or otherwise search the bodies of the commanders. At your disposal you have a full company of Seal Team 6 supported by two Apaches and 3x155m Howitzers. An UAV is also at your disposal. IMPORTANT: The Howitzers have been assigned to you for their precision & smoke capabilities only. Do not use them against buildings as we do not want to inflict any casualties on the factory workers. A russian quick reaction force (QRF) is stationed 30 minutes away more or less. We know that they conduct radio checks every thirty minutes with the forces occupying the factory. Based on this we will launch a strong electronic warfare attack over the area of operations (AO) immediately after the 03:00 comms check. We assume that upon missing the 03:30 comms check the QRF will rush in support of the compound. This gives you roughly one hour to complete your mission and exit the AO. One last point: As a result of the strong electronic warfare signal the capabilities of the SAMs will be substantially degraded. Do not spent too much time trying to locate the SAMs with your UAV and take them out with precision fire. The Apache pilots are crack and the electronic warfare signal offers them an advantage. [….. ] It is now 02:59….We have intercepted the radio check...Electronic Warfare signal is on….Go Go Go…. Acknowledgements: The mission map is a section of the fantastic crossroads maps by Keime - with only very slight modifications on my part to some buildings
  18. This is my first attempt to design a complex scenario. I tried not to make it too easy. I hope you will enjoy it. The initial insipration for this scenario was "Interdiction" by Kiri Salo included in the original CMBS installation. As a basis I used the same QB map but with substantial modifications by me to make it fit the storyline that I wanted to create. I also kept the "interdiction" concept and refraimed it to create an engaging (I hope) narrative The briefing as teaser: "Situation A Russian Recon Battalion has stationed for the night at the area of operation (AO) shown on your map. We know for sure that the Russians carry on them highly valuable intelligence about the compositions of their forces, strategic plans and logistical chains. The problem is we don’t know where exactly all this data is kept. Mission Your mission is to search all possible locations and collect all laptops and data storage devices we can find and bring them home for analysis. During the sweep we will not be in a position to know what is valuable and what is not. I have marked on your map the broad locations that you need to search. Make sure you clear each and all buildings there, collect everything that resembles a data storage device and bring it in. Intel & Plan The initial plan was to simply inset Company A with helos a few km away, rally here (north setup zone) at 02:30 and assault the Russian positions. The problem is that recent intelligence tells us that two platoons of Russian tanks (not sure what type) are approaching from the SE and are about to enter the area of operations via the bridge at the east of you map. If this happens Company A is as good as "dead on arrival". To counter this we have assembled 3 crack squads of LRS platoon enhanced with a sniper, a breach and a javelin team with the mission to escort a JTAC and a FS team on the top of Hill 101 dominating the AO. They will enter the AO from the west (west setup zone) at 02:00 riding on two Humvees and three LMTVs Their mission is to paint the bridge with laser and allow a precision strike by two F16s (Callsign: Archangel) cutting the access of the T90s to the AO. We know that at least two SAMs operate in the AO. Try to spot them and kill them with your javeling team or precision rounds to maximise the probabilities of success of Archangel. For this purpose 2 x 120mm mortars have been assigned to you. You will need to spot them yourself as no UAVs are available for this mission. Being on the hill, the team will also search the house on the top. For the success of the operation, It is imperative that the bridge is destroyed by no later than 02:45. You must order the airstrike even if some of the enemy air defences are not neutralised by that time. With this mind you must move at a quick pace and reach the hilltop without any delay.We do not template any enemy positions to the west of the foothills of Hill 101. After the bridge is destroyed, the tactical handling of the situation is entirely up to you. From 03:00 onwards a battery of 6 x 105mm Howitzers will be at your disposal. At 4:00 12 LMTVs Callsign: (Limo Service) will enter the AO from NW to help your fast evacuation at the exit points (west). About the same time two Apaches will be placed at your disposal to cover your retreat to the exit points. Expect that the Russians will be furious by that time and will be throwing to you everything at their disposal including the proverbial kitchen sink. Good luck and remember to leave no stone unturned. " Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9z2aTq5oxcqR3pnc3FMYTVJOEk/view?usp=sharing UPDATE: I have updated the version to (v3) Please use the link above to download again. Sorry for the incovenience.
  19. I have updloaded the following scenario to the proving grounds for playtesting and suggestions. I have playtested it myself and was ok but I am open to suggestions. As too many things happen within a limited timeframe this must be played as WEGO. Only Blue vs AI https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9z2aTq5oxcqVjE5aU9zR3pyQWc/view?usp=sharing I copy the briefing as a teaser: _______________________________________________________________________ Situation The Rock is a fortress-prison connected to land only by a bridge. In the central cell of the “Rock” is held a very important asset of ours. Our intelligence suggests that the garrison of the rock consists of two platoons or relatively inexperienced troops. A third platoon or so has established checkpoints and firing positions in the small village situated at the crossroads leading to the bridge. There should be some AFVs there as well. There is also an enemy QRF around 45 minutes away from the crossroad consisting of BMP-3s Your mission is to free the prisoner held on the Rock. Your forces A veteran infantry platoon approaching from the north is tasked with clearing the crossroads. Three elite squads of Seal Team Six with three extra breach teams, a light MG and a sniper team will approach the Rock from the sea and climb on the south wall. They will be in position exactly ten (10) minutes after the commencement of the operation Twenty five minutes after the commencement of the operation a fleet of Humvees will arrive from the north of the highway. This gives you approximately 30 minutes to defeat the garrison of the rock, free the prisoner and clear the crossroads. Once these tasks have been achieved half of the Humvees will reach the Rock and evacuate Seal Team Six and the prisoner and the rest will evacuate the platoon holding the crossroads, hopefully before QRF arrives. The bad news is that you are outnumbered. To counter this you must play your trumps with finesse: (a) the operation takes place during the night and under heavy rain. This will make your superior IR optics count especially if combined with smoke screens (b) The quality of your troops clearly supersedes that of the enemy. You should expect heavy losses during the mission but we confident that you will pull it through successfully at the end. Good Luck.
  20. Thanks to brother Ed, who drove way over here to get me, took me to have dinner there, then drove me here again, I got to have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Did I plunk myself in front of the new huge curved widescreen, beer in hand? Nah, I saw about 30 sec of the Cowboys getting wiped across the field. Instead, besides seeing Ed's enormous and superbly equipped man cave of big RC bird building, he showed me the pretty impressive naval version of WoT, called WoW (World of Warships), which has the same sort of Tier and upgrade system, but this one also gets into stuff like CO experience in type, which materially affects combat performance. Skippers have to be worked up before they can even be assigned, and it must be type releavant. You don't go from a destroyer skipper to commanding a battleship. I should explain that Ed is a full-blown naval grog (would love to have his library) and has extensive credits, including Harpoon and a bunch of Command at Sea titles (by CoA), which was how I wound up doing credited work in the scenario book (wrote 3-4 scens) on the late war in the Pacific's Steel Typhoon. On balance , he was generally impressed with the game as to weapon performance, ROF, gunnery accuracy, speed, maneuverability, etc. Some arcade elements appear in certain small vessels, but he and others are pushing hard to sort that out. The visuals are breathtaking. In fact, with the fabulous sunlight treatment, atmospheric effects, stunning models and such, it is a feast for the naval buff I find hard to convey. Scenes on par with collectible prints. Some it looked like the German battleship Tirpitz operating in and around the fjords1 He showed me the game because he thought I might like to go buy it for my rig. But fair is fair, right? He was surprisingly amenable to my suggestion to DL our perfectly innocuous (e-crack--heh, heh) CMBS Demo. Doomed! Doomed, I say! Sadly, this was not my finest hour, nor my finest week or even month in showing him the game, for a I was under the weather, acutely sleep deprived, largely brain dead and very rusty, having not played since Sublime and I went at several months ago. All in all, I think I was a fairly good exemplar of a punch drunk but game worn out leader. It got really ugly after that, for I'd forgotten many things, and some things were utterly unfamiliar. After getting into it a bit, I discovered we'd missed setting it for Turn based and were playing RT--which I'd never done before. Mr. Befogged like to went nuts before that trying to deliver the promised replay. Even so, Ed found out the hard way just how fast life could end while heading a Bradley M2A2 platoon with dismounts, with attached FIST, MK-19 and sniper team. Insert (bad things happen, much carnage). With that debacle sorted out and finally be able to issue correct orders, he reset. He didn't pay much attention to the ground, located as he was on Olympus, so despite my numerous operational degrades, I got him to come down and really eyeball it it before again zooming aloft for the big picture. I also showed him hom to toggle trees, run the camera and such. Those things I did remember. I also showed him how to Slow into position with snipers and FIST, and he got pretty excited over the drone, putting it up as soon as he could after I explained to him its capabilities and search options. He never got to do a fire mission, though, for dinner was called. While I felt mortified by my terrible walkthrough, replete with numerous procedural recall problems, he still seemed to dig it, and on the way back asked lots of questions, with an acute interest in CAS, so I explained some of that, complete with the now traditional lament over the A-10's absence, as well as the fearsome nature of the Su-25 and the vital importance of Stingers. Greatly contributing to the awful teaching process was having to keep my eyes closed many, many times when he, who has no brain injury imposed restrictions regarding rapid image shifts, kept whipping about. to a chorus of ""Sorry, John." What little I saw made me queasy and induced the start of a headache. He had major problems with the following: The Briefing wasn't full screen size, and he had problems reading the tiny text, as do I; the UI had similar issues (am going to find a UI mod, for there's plenty of room to go bigger and better on font and point size) , and he did a lot of squinting, which he found quite annoying. I should explain he's got two displays and isn't forearm length away from the screen, as I am (2' x 4" folding table is my desk, so no depth), but somewhat farther. Made a bad situation worse. Even so, his naval game has far better readability of all the considerable info needed to fight . Also, he found doing things at the micro level tough because of the way the camera would abruptly jump at blazing speed at ground level and also had issues with zoom. I explained settings could be adjusted, but having done that here long since, I still have issues on the deck. The margin between slow camera and warp speed is quite slim. On balance, I believe CMBS intrigued and excited him. I know he found it fun and engrossing, to the point where he completely missed his wife's announcement we could start with salad, a message delivered at 2' range! (Cut to 12-Step meeting begins; members intone) "Came to believe we were powerless over CM e-crack..." (Ed stands up) "Hi! I'm Ed" (In unison they respond) "Welcome, Ed." Now, I could be wrong. He might yet, as a busy man who already has two of what he bluntly calls time sucks (the aforementioned hobbies, not to mention writing wargames), somehow tune out The Call of CM™; might somehow escape its all-consuming fatal embrace. That might happen, but I think the odds favor another hapless person will succumb and become aCMilated. Other than the great food, company and wonderful conversation, this was my Thanksgiving. And you have no idea how happy I was to get away from this pit and how sad to return! But hey, I got to CM by proxy today and show off our peculiar delight to another one of my brothers! Only one remains to see it, and he did this stuff for real during the Cold War (Bradley CFV TC and later PLT SGT Master gunner), In Bahrain (ODS) and OIF (SFC with first Stryker BCT ever deployed). I'll see him in March. And soon, my nephews will fall! (cackles) I already greased the skids years ago with AH's totally clueless on actual Cold War US/RUS armor/antiarmor situation but still cool MBT. Regards, John Kettler
  21. Howdy. Happy Friday. I have converted 85 of the Red Thunder QB Maps not found as duplicates in CM Black Sea over to be usable in CM Black Sea. All are ready to go as you can imagine. AI plans are not perfect as they are designed for WW2 combat, but they are workable and more content is always a bonus right? All credit for original creation and distribution of these maps goes to BFC. Download Link @Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilbru2acockn615/Red_Thunder_QB_Maps.rar?dl=0 Cheers.
  22. I have been playing the battle cry havoc. Have done several saves and continued my game. Today it will not load past 27% and crashes. I attempted another previous save and it crashed upon reaches the 27% on load screen. Please advise.
  23. Please tell me I am not the only person who does this. I know the game you can pause but I need a real world medium to help plan my missions. The Op orders for scenarios are great but they are more like a WARNO, you have to come up with one for each piece. I think I spend more time planning than I do playing.
  24. CMBS and CMSF with all of the addons have just been installed , updated to the latest versions available so I am looking for an opponent - either side in virtually any scenario should be fine with me, elite, PBEM via mail or Dropbox, a turn per day at least guaranteed HTH is someone is insisting should be feasible. Elite level, open to honour rules like no arty barrages on 1st turn.
  25. Hi all, I was wondering if you guys received your shipment with the hardcopy of the game ? I am very curious to see the actual package and artwork, Im waiting for mine patiently ! Dimitri.
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