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Found 1 result

  1. Question to the clever brain !!! Because we have all informations to created or playing an existing scenario/campaign, it will be interresting to create a link to loading some files in the brz format for exemple. The link could be taking of a .btt or .cam we could make a link, and this link will for exemple loading 1 file in a format .Brz that we could created ourself in advance, this file could be a part of the many many mods that we have in the cmmods or repository and for each scen/cmp we could have the mods that we need or wishes this will cost us a little preparation before playing but will be really really helpfull !! Loading for exemple each mods that we want to play a respective scenario and playing the role of the famous "Z folder" ...I hear you all already laughing about my proposition but this will be really really nice and helpfull !! Suggestions...Reports...Comments...
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