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Found 1 result

  1. Here I am posting my 'High Detail' version of the western half of my 16 square kilometer master map for the region around les Hauts Vents and Pont-Hebert. It differs from the "Low Detail" version not in screen resolution but rather by the inclusion of a few hundred flavour objects and a great deal of variation in the base ground tiles. All this of course will only be noticed when the camera is at ground level. As with my former posting, you must use Falaise's 22.5 degree paved road and the stock roads for this to look correct. If you want additional historical flavour, i.e. the buildings looking correct for that location in 1944, then you also need to download my building skins which I have uploaded to Green as Jade's mods repository. The map is pristine, meaning that no buildings are shown with damage and no craters anywhere. With this map size and detail it can be a slow load on some computers and some may not be able to load it. Permission is hereby granted to modify or crop the map in any manner you choose and to incorporate it into any scenarios you wish to create, only if doing so, it must remain freely distributable and may not be included in any commercial product without my permission. If you create a scenario with it, it would be very nice if you would email me a copy. Cheers and enjoy, Kandu 0-les Hauts Vents HD MM.btt
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