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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I've gone looking for a thread posted maybe a year ago where I was originally made aware of the "evade towards enemy" behaviour (though probably an actual bug) that typically involves infantry behind hedgerows breaking that cover when under fire and running towards the enemy through gaps in the hedgerow (invariably to their deaths) that I can confirm I has been able to reliably replicate when I downloaded and played the saved game that was provided by a user investigating the issue at the time. From what I understand, this issue may only be specific to CMBN and seems to only have appeared after one of the recent patch/engine upgrades. I would have checked the status of the issue and would have posted on that thread there but I have not been able to find the thread curiously enough, hence this new thread. So I have just started a mirrored CMBN H2H QB on a map that I know several other players have battled over, and I just had a most extraordinary occurence of this "evade towards enemy" behaviour (or whatever you want to call it). I had three infantry teams lined up along a stretch of hedgerow in a defensive deployment, evenly separated by about 15m. Behind them is a flat wooded orchard. In front of them is a road, beyond which the terrain gently rises, criss-crossed with some buildings and hedgerows. On the second turn of making contact with the enemy directly in front of them, returning fire and taking some level of suppression, each team, at some point in the turn, decided to essentially break cover and run sideways along the hedgerow to the nearest infantry-sized gap in the hedgerows and run through the gap in to the open directly towards the enemy where they just get shot up. When the teams actually break from taking casualties, the surviving pixeltruppen (eg. those that remained in place cowering behind the hedgerow) rout away from the hedgerow/enemy through the orchard behind them. Units lined up behind hedgerows engaging enemy start of turn: "Rattled" pixeltruppen running suicide through hedgerow gap to meet their maker: For the full video experience, you can watch it unfold here: First and second teams suicide Third team suicide I did wonder if I had inadvertently given move orders to my units during the previous orders phase (can happen if you just want to select one unit to issue a move order to but inadvertently double click it whereby also selecting all its subordinates and/or formation level units as well). However, I can rule that possibility out: other units in the formation were unaffected. Still not satisfied, I checked the QB map in the Scenario Editor. All "Friendly Direction" parameters were correct for the battle. I then created a scenario file using the same map and parameters and purchased the same units on both sides. I then placed the exact same German teams from the same platoon from the same company etc that I had purchased in the QB in the same spots and attacked them with the same infantry (US paras). Incredibly (or maybe not so incredibly), the same thing happened! Suicide through the hedgerow gap. Even better: I have created a scenario file (TEST GAP.btt) using the same QB map with all units in place. All you need to do is load the scenario file, play it as a turn-based Hotseat (or SP Germans) and just press Go for both sides, no need to give any orders. The units will start shooting and exchanging fire immediately. You should see this behaviour with your own eyes occur within the first minute of battle: TEST GAP.btt So what is Battlefront's official stance on what appears to be on this undesirable TacAI induced behaviour? "What issue?" (no response/acknowledgement) "Nothing to see here, working as designed"(if so please explain) "Yeah, can't fix it, too bad, sucks for you though" "Wow, looking in to it, hopefully find a fix, keep you posted" FWIW, I have forfeited that H2H QB I am playing. I can't afford to have that kind of thing happen and take those kinds of cheap loses and just continue playing regardless, let alone think it won't happen again. I think for now I am regretfully going to just avoid playing any CMBN (or at least anything with that hedgerow terrain) until this issue is resolved.
  2. I'm playing a scenario that has a large bridge crossing a river. I noticed my BMP3 tried to shoot at an enemy unit on the other side of the bridge, but the round hit bridge structures. The bridge looks much like in the linked photo. The shell hit parts of the bridge that are green in the photo. In my opinion a tank/vehcile should not shoot through bridge structures, because it's very likely that it will hit the bridge. So, is this a bug? Most CM bridges have only parts that are below the "road level", but this bridge also has structure several meters above road level. Should the Ai handle it as if shooting through was impossible?
  3. I was playing a quick battle, and I moved one of my Jav teams up to spot and take out enemy vehicles. He spotted the one I was hoping to take out and started aiming, but somehow lost the target and then spotted an enemy vehicle probably more than 1000 meters away and fired at that one. I'm wondering how he lost the target as he was aiming at it with a Javelin, while it was stationary and out in the open, and then somehow spotted a vehicle farther away than the one he lost visual on? Is this a bug or is it a flaw in the spotting system? Here's a video of what happened: https://streamable.com/en4n7
  4. Hi, Just a quick question. Before we start of i am relatively new to cm. been playing a lot of the scenarios in sf2. is there some sort of bug with the gill atgm for the dutch. it seems like when vehicles are located at some sort of a depression/at an angle, the missile keeps on landing right behind them. i had this thing pop up like crazy in the dutch scenario back on tracks i believe. i launched four missiles one after the other at the same tank and they all landed right behind it. distance was well within the hitting range(slightly above 1000m) of the gill and the atgm team had a clear los to it. I was launching it from a tower. The same problem popped up in the mission where you have to defend the town(same campaign) from a syrian mech force. this time it was around 750m. i launched four atgms from two teams and they all landed right behind it. Not sure what's happening. i know these things do miss sometimes but consecutive misses like this are strange
  5. Doesn't look as though you can select Technicals, Transports or VBIEDs in the QB force selector as Uncons. You can choose them in the Scenario Editor, where Combatants and Fighters are separated as different "branches" (they're all mashed into one big group in the QB Selector). No idea if that, or that Uncons can only be picked as "Infantry Only" has anything to do with it. I've got all the modules.
  6. Has anyone had their pixeltruppen getting stuck in a planning loop? This happened in a PBEM: As much as I'd like the pixeltruppen to think more, I'm pretty sure they shouldn't be standing still like that. There's a few others in the same turn who stopped what they were doing and started scratching their heads, but this is the most obvious. The turn is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/16uh5d1gmxjayqs/Hapless Attack 089.ema?dl=0
  7. Was doing a QB, picked a defending force that included panzerjagers, got deep into the battle and start to notice dead SS guys around the pak40s I have been knocking out. now i think thats was strange, and maybe a one time thing. but i repeat the selection and again the Pak40 crews from the panzerjagers have SS smocks. is this a bug? or some historical thing I was unaware of. (Follow up its only the pak 40 units, and setting them to mixed camo fixes the issue, also they don't just have SS smocks, they have the SS rank icons too)
  8. I noticed this small issue in CMRT 1.03 when playing a scenario in turn based mode. My T-34/85 tank's main gun had been damaged earlier so it could not fire. I had not noticed this, so I gave it a Fire order. When I looked what was happening during the turn movie I noticed the crew was doing all the steps of firing even though they couldn't use the gun. Aiming, Elevating, Firing etc. and then repeat.
  9. Here is something I've noticed while playing a scenario in CMBN 3.11: Germans have several flak vehicles which cannot shoot straight ahead. . Because of this limitation it often makes sense to keep the side or back of the vehicle towards the enemy that you intend to fire. One such vehicle has 4x20mm, another one 37mm gun. I try to make short movements using Reverse order. Once the vehicle stops it is immediately ready to fire. BUT: often the vehicle won't move using reverse, but instead decides to make a slow 180 degree turn, then drives forward and stops in orientation so that it cannot use its gun. IMO this is quite annoying. Movements take much more time and the vehicle is very vulnerable every time it cannot protect itself. What do you think - is this a problem? And could it be changed so that for these flak vehicles it would use Reverse order if player has plotted that order?
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