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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I think this is related to a previous report - namely soldiers running to the wrong side of cover when engaged with Direct Fire. Ive seen it in two differant CMBN games. Both sides as the Brits (though I think it may be happening to my opponents as well - though not sure) I know previously their where issues with Mtr / Artillery fire but this seems to be with direct fire and bocage / hedgerows. If a gap is near by in the hedge row - if they receive a burst of MG fire their suppression seems to go up to full (seemingly on the first burst regardless if they take casualties) and then they start running to the enemy side of the hedge - where typically they are then cut down. Its totally crazy behavior that makes no sense at all. This is happening with the latest .02 patch as well. Cheers Gary
  2. In a scenario I'm building, I have deployed 4 on-map infantry guns. They all have green dots in all levels of C2 up to Battalion commander. However, when I choose any distant HQ and try to plot a fire mission, I get "out of contact" for the 4 guns. Even when I select the Battalion commander himself.
  3. This is from a FB H2H game with latest engine. I was in the process of deploying an AT gun on the edge of a forest. They had moved along for a while to find a good spot to set up. I then noticed (too late) that the gunner with the gun has started moving in an entirely different direction and is hopelessly in the wrong position. As the crew can only move "normal" it will be difficult to rejoint the gun, if even possible. I have seen this from time to time. I have a save if anyone wants to have a look at it.
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