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Found 5 results

  1. I lost four BMPs to a Tunguska last mission over a series of turns. Despite having neighboring BMPs repeatedly obliterated by the creature over a series of turns, and despite restriction of commands to slow and short movements followed by pauses, they kept getting knocked out by the thing. Area fire eventually forced it to retreat. How can I get the BMPs to spot better? If I had a recon team with eyes on a Tunguska, and a force with complete C2 linkages, would my BMPs have spotted the creature eventually? Thought I'd ask here to see what information I could get before testing this out myself by more forcefully advancing my recon teams.
  2. NOTEs: 1. This is a scenario, "First Clash", about 5 mins in 2. I haven't personally observed (granted,I haven't been paying attention) if the BMP-3M fires its ATGMs in quick battles. 3. I have not checked any other BMPs. Ukrainian BTR-4Es do fire their ATGMs, and very effectively too.
  3. Hi, I started this topic because i just discover a visual bug with the BMP2M vehicle. When you zoom the camera to the vehicle, the turret changes to a turret of a "normal" BMP2. It just a visual problem, the armament of the BMP still the same with the 4 kornets and the AGS, and also this only happens when you are very close to the vehicle. At distance, the vehicle looks right, like a BMP2M. Please, look if happens the same to you too. Thanks
  4. Which is the preferred BMP to include in one’s TOE? From the game manual the BMP-3M sounds like the better vehicle. However, in the Quick battle purchase screen the BMP-3M with ERA is cheaper than the BMP-2M with no ERA and the same soft factors. I would expect the newer designed vehicle (and with ERA) to be more expensive. It makes me wonder if I am missing something and which BMP other players think is the best. On the Quick Battle purchase screen I found the following purchase points for the different BMPs. Soft factors of - Experience: Regular, Motivation: Normal, Fitness: Fit and Leadership 0. Vehicle Points Rarity BMP-2 199 0 BMP-2M 265 0 BMP-3 216 0 BMP-3M 247 0 BMP-3M ERA 246 246 BMP-3M ARENA 280 1,400 BMP-3M SHORTA 259 777 I had been using the BMP-2M in PBEM games. I am thinking of switching to the BMP-3M ERA. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. Yep. I had to take a break from the monotony of making German shields for RT. Been messing with these for about a month and after much angst decided they were good enough. Coming to a Repos near you... Mord,
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