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Found 1 result

  1. I was generally using US infantry in the WWII titles but recently have started to use Armored Infantry. I like the idea of having the tracks with additional ammo for resupply. It kind of adds a logistics element to battles. However I was accustom to the platoon HQ as a separate team in the straight leg infantry platoons. In CMFI the 44A Armored Infantry platoon HQ is part of 1st Squad. Same for Armored Infantry in CMBN & CMFB. I have been experimenting around with the best way to administratively split the HQ teams in a US Armored Infantry Platoon. I found a way, using the administrative commands that ends up with the Platoon Leader (the Lt.) in one team and the platoon sergeant (SFC) in a different team. There is also C team with three riflemen. The interesting thing is both the Lt. and the SFC have arty/mortar calling ability. It is easiest to make all these administrative splits during the Setup phase. So with the below administrative split there are two separate teams in an Armored Infantry platoon that can call for fire. Split Assault Team from base and then Scout Team from base. (If you stop here this scout team has the radio which might prove useful. Or disastrous.) Place Assault Team and the Scout Team in the same action square and allow them to recombine. Then take the now combined Assault Team and Scout Team and use Split Teams. You will end up with three teams two of which can call for fire support. Following the above administrative splits you end up with the following. And C Team Any other suggestions /ideas for administratively splitting teams? Please share any tips you may have.