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Found 1 result

  1. Following a request of @Badger73, here is a small tutorial for introducing the usage of AI triggers. I am using CMSF2. Since I am beginning with IA, experts are welcome to comment to provide better solutions that the one I will present just after. Here is my small force. They are facing those enemy positions. And thus some few enemy squads. I have removed the RPG-7 on purpose for the tutorial. I would like to teach the AI to do several things. Phase 1: The on map mortar team will perform area fire on the ditch inside Target 1 Meanwhile, the other guys will advance inside their vehicles toward Target 1. But, I would like them to advance reacting to an enemy move. Phase 2: While the vehicules with the squads, still inside them, are progressing to Target 1. I would like the area fire to switch to Target 2 then Target 3 to avoid friendly fire casualties. Once the vehicles are at waypoint 1. I would like them to pop some smoke And, with the smoke screen in place, I would like the squads to dismount to assault the ditch. So how I can do this using the editor and AI triggers? To be continued...
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