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      Special Upgrade 4 Tech Tips   12/27/2016

      Hi all! Now that Upgrade 4 is out and about in large quantities we have now discovered a few SNAFUs that happen out in the scary, real world that is home computing.  Fortunately the rate of problems is extremely small and so far most are easily worked around.  We've identified a few issues that have similar causes which we have clear instructions for work arounds here they are: 1.  CMRT Windows customers need to re-license their original key.  This is a result of improvements to the licensing system which CMBN, CMBS, and CMFB are already using.  To do this launch CMRT with the Upgrade and the first time enter your Engine 4 key.  Exit and then use the "Activate New Products" shortcut in your CMRT folder, then enter your Engine 3 license key.  That should do the trick. 2.  CMRT and CMBN MacOS customers have a similar situation as #2, however the "Activate New Products" is inside the Documents folder in their respective CM folders.  For CMBN you have to go through the process described above for each of your license keys.  There is no special order to follow. 3.  For CMBS and CMFB customers, you need to use the Activate New Products shortcut and enter your Upgrade 4 key.  If you launch the game and see a screen that says "LICENSE FAILURE: Base Game 4.0 is required." that is an indication you haven't yet gone through that procedure.  Provided you had a properly functioning copy before installing the Upgrade, that should be all you need to do.  If in the future you have to install from scratch on a new system you'll need to do the same procedure for both your original license key and your Upgrade 4.0 key. 4.  There's always a weird one and here it is.  A few Windows users are not getting "Activate New Products" shortcuts created during installation.  Apparently anti-virus software is preventing the installer from doing its job.  This might not be a problem right now, but it will prove to be an issue at some point in the future.  The solution is to create your own shortcut using the following steps: Disable your anti-virus software before you do anything. Go to your Desktop, right click on the Desktop itself, select NEW->SHORTCUT, use BROWSE to locate the CM EXE that you are trying to fix. The location is then written out. After it type in a single space and then paste this:


      Click NEXT and give your new Shortcut a name (doesn't matter what). Confirm that and you're done. Double click on the new Shortcut and you should be prompted to license whatever it is you need to license. At this time we have not identified any issues that have not been worked around.  Let's hope it stays that way Steve
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      Forum Reorganization   10/12/2017

      We've reorganized our Combat Mission Forums to reflect the fact that most of you are now running Engine 4 and that means you're all using the same basic code.  Because of that, there's no good reason to have the discussion about Combat Mission spread out over 5 separate sets of Forums.  There is now one General Discussion area with Tech Support and Scenario/Mod Tips sub forums.  The Family specific Tech Support Forums have been moved to a new CM2 Archives area and frozen in place. You might also notice we dropped the "x" from distinguishing between the first generation of CM games and the second.  The "x" was reluctantly adopted back in 2005 or so because at the time we had the original three CM games on European store shelves entitled CM1, CM2, and CM3 (CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK).  We didn't want to cause confusion so we added the "x".  Time has moved on and we have to, so the "x" is now gone from our public vocabulary as it has been from our private vocabulary for quite a while already.  Side note, Charles *NEVER* used the "x" so now we're all speaking the same language as him.  Which is important since he is the one programming them

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  1. Hi everyone! This is not an official AAR cause I was enjoying the game too much to take screenshots during the scenario. I only managed to save after the battle ended so all the screenshots are front the end of the scenario , but I would like to share my recent experience with black sea. After trying out the Demo and playing the training mission twice (lost the first time) I noticed at the end of the game the AI retreated to the woods when i was closing in on the town. I thought that was kinda cool and realistic. After all, the logical path was to retreat to the woods. Later, after reading more about the game's AI, I was somewhat surprise that it was based on trigger and that the AI had 3 levels. strategic, operational and tactical. I believe the strategic level is the one that is trigger based. So I bought myself my first CM copy. I played through the training campaign while following the guidelines on the manual which i had printed out. In the last mission I realise that it was the same scenario from the demo so I thought I would do fine but this time I followed the manual by splitting my team and all. First, I noticed when I sent my riflemen scout near the observation post alone they were engaged by snipers from the forest, which I kinda knew was there. However, this did not happened the first time I played in the demo, and I don't quite remember what I did. I made some mistakes on the way and ended up losing my observer, HQ and and 1 squad. So I restarted the scenario again but this time I did it my way instead of following the manual. I sent one of my Bradley to to the side of the sunken road to engage the snipers which I know would shoot my guys near the woods at the observation post, but nothing happened I sent the same rifle squad to scout the woods and I got no engagement from the other side, no snipers, nothing. I sent he rest of my assault troops to assault route 1 without incident only engaging 2 squads on the way to assault route 2. By the end of this scenario, I caught the Russians retreating to the woods again just like in the demo, however this time I had 2 Bradleys near the entrance of the woods, getting ready for a massacre. Guess what, only 2 squads came out and after getting shot, the rest of them decided to stay in the buildings surrounding the chapel. They refused to come out until they surrendered, i managed to only take out 1 squad out of 4-5 that attempted to retreat back to the woods, mainly because I believe they turn back after the first two squads were engaged by my Bradleys After this, all I can say is that I am very impressed with the AI reaction to what do in the battlefield. It could just be random luck that i trigger or did not trigger certain triggers but this is the most realistic AI opponent I have seen. In most games if the AI retreats if that even happens then it will happen no matter what, even if they are running into a meat grinder, but not in CM. All that remains of the Russian forces. Made a mistake and lost a full squad, I was hoping to get full score. Some Russians who died to my Bradley flanking them from the back of the town. Bradleys are beasts!
  2. I had a PBEM with IICptMillerII a short time ago, and I figured I'd post some videos. This one came out rather strange, because for a fair chunk of this scenario, we had direct voice chat with each other via Discord. This led to some cryptic communications, but also a rather fun atmosphere, which allowed open conversation of the game, while playing it. It was certainly outside my normal playstyle. I'll post each part of the AAR here as I release them. Feel free to comment.
  3. Introduction A while back there was a post on the BFC Battle for Normandy forum announcing a new project by @choppinlt “Operational Level Game Announcement”: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/109632-operational-level-game-announcement/. He and his team have been working away on the project ever since. The have a system designed and they are testing mockups now. You can read about it in full here http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/board,36.0.html but this AAR is for but one small battle in one mocked up campaign. To read about the overall campaign from the US perspective you can check out this thread: http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/topic,3111.0.html. The battle in question takes place on turn 7. In a previous turn someone used ASL to determine the outcome of a campaign battle. This time it is CM’s turn. Read about it here http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/topic,3111.msg14998.html#msg14998. @Mad Mike and I are fighting this battle out: Notice the second battalion of the 116th (2/116) on the right edge of the map. The battle of St. Andre de l’Epine You can read about the setup for the order of battle and such here (I just tried to not read the German info too closely). http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/topic,3613.0.html Here is a summary of how we prepared for the battle: @Mad Mike chose the map Hill 192 (http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/BattleForNormandy/Maps/HILL%20192%20expanded.html) @choppinltdetermined the forces for both sides and sent us screen shots of the force selection in CM @Mad Mike setup his forces and after a little back and forth with @choppinlt handed the map off to me I chose my forces, again with @choppinlt ’s help. I missed a few things and asked a bunch of questions. I then setup the deployment of the forces – this is using the scenario editor we have not started the game yet. This is an important step since I have a battalion of infantry and two companies of tanks plus some supporting engineers and a 200m strip of land for setup zone. After looking at the map what I decided to do was: i. Two companies would push forward along two avenues but not so far apart that they could not combine to exploit success on one avenue and failure on the other ii. I determined that the setup area is too small for everything to arrive at once. If the enemy has artillery that could be used (not during setup but later) I just don’t want my forces to be that concentrated. Heck 200m depth is too little for that many forces at any rate. iii. I divided up my forces so that F Co is on the left and E Co is on the right and each has tanks in support. G Co is in reserve and the weapons company, H Co, had its resources divided between the three other companies. iv. Then I set things up so that battalion recon and one platoon of each company plus the company HQ started on the map. v. The rest of the companies plus a platoon of tanks arrived after 5 minutes vi. Additional tanks arrived after 10 minutes vii. The rest of the tanks arrived after 15 minutes along with the engineers viii. The rest of the infantry arrive after 20 minutes ix. The rest of the forces – including an AT gun platoon that I am not sure what I am going to do with arrive later @Mad Mike and I sent the file back and forth a couple of more times to tweak things as per the discussion. We loaded the scenario and started playing. Forces 837 men (6% casualties is 50 men) 2nd Infantry Battalion 116th Regiment Lt Col Madison Pioneer Platoon Lt. McKee AT Platoon E Co Cpt. Rost 1st Platoon Lt. Moustakis 2nd Platoon Lt. Dubbins 3rd Platoon Lt. Cudlipp 4th Platoon Lt. Ogden F Co Cpt. Bova 1st Platoon Lt. Turner 2nd Platoon Lt. Salberg 3rd Platoon Lt. Hillard 4th Platoon Lt. Keller G Co Cpt. Salder 1st Platoon Lt. Grow 2nd Platoon Lt. Weire 3rd Platoon Lt. Krumin 4th Platoon Lt. Youmans H Co Cpt. Palmer 1st Platoon Lt. Reece 2nd Platoon Lt. Castro 3rd Platoon Lt. Cooper 747th Tank Battalion A Co Cpt. Donavan 1st Platoon Lt. Tubb 2nd Platoon Lt. Denney B Co Cpt. Fry 1st Platoon Lt. Wynn 2nd Platoon Lt. White 121st Engineers B Co. Cpt. Edward Humpheries 1st Platoon Lt. Dunlap 2nd Platoon Lt. Sanchez 3rd Platoon Lt. Blair The Mission The US infantry, and their tank support, need to advance up to 1000m with 6% casualties or less. If my forces manage to advance 300m into the defensive area it will be considered a success and if they can make it 400m they it will be exceeding expectations. In order to track my progress I added touch lines Able (200m past the line of contact), Baker (400m past the line of contact), Charlie 600m, Dog 800m and Easy 1000m. The edge of the setup zone is 200m a head of the line of contact.
  4. I've been reading, again, Blumenson's Breakout and Pursuit. Along with this, I've been doing some other research and located a trove of aar's in the Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library. What I'm having difficulty (sp: l a z i n e s s, ) with is converting map coordinates in the aar's into lats & longs so I can find a "real" location. I've found a site explaining the "British Modified System", but that system uses coordinates such as "vZ3383", meaning (as best as I can tell) Map Section vZ, 33 kM East/83 kM North. The US aar's use coordinates similar to, say, "565-068". Does anyone here have a link that will point me in the right direction. I'm a land surveyor IRL, so I do understand coordinates, projections and the sort. Thanks in advance, Rake
  5. Hello everyone, as promised in the preview thread; here is the much belated AAR preview of "Duel in the Mist", one of the scenarios that will be part of this community-driven package. Needless to say, everything in the scenario is technically still a WIP and subject to change. A few pre-emptive answers for the curious: Will this be for H2H? It won't be geared or tested as such, but I will be giving the Axis side a fully fleshed out mission briefing for those who want to take a crack Will it be playable both sides in SP? Tentatively a yes; three AI plans have made the 'final cut' for the Axis, and I am mulling over the idea of putting in at least a token AI plan for the Allies. Regardless, this is meant to be played Americans first. Now, without further ado. “Once and For All” A D/AAR prepared for Battlefront & SimHQ September 20th, 1944. Although neither side are quite aware of it yet, we are 2 days into what will eventually be known as “The Battle of Arracourt.” The first two days of this meeting engagement have been defined by mutual confusion, poor weather and tenuous contacts between units. The Americans, flush from a dramatic envelopment of the ancient city of Nancy after a hard fought crossing of the Moselle, are eager to expand their bridgehead on the River Moselle, and indeed some of George S. Patton’s lieutenants are lobbying their bombastic commander for a push to the River Saar and German’ys little industrial heartland, secondary only to the Ruhr. However, others preach caution. The tyranny of logistics is rearing its awful head, the natural result of a month long advance which saw the systematic destruction of Army Group B and the severe mauling of Army Group G. The Germans are exhausted and tired, but the Allies are almost equally so after their pursuit. The stage is set; the 4th US Armored Division, whom helped seal Nancy off, have just concluded a series of raids into the German’s rear and are now covering the bridgehead while the Infantry mop up. This operational pause has given the Germans, already beginning to recover, the opportunity to launch an operational counteroffensive to throw the Americans back across the Moselle – which will surely become a formidable natural obstacle when the autumn swell begins. While the 4th Armored Division gears up for a renewed advance, they will find their plans rudely interrupted by a series of alarming German tank thrusts. Situation & Briefing: It is now 1500 hours, September 20th, 1944. I am Lieutenant-Colonel Abrams, commanding officer of the 37th Tank Battalion, 4th Armored Division. A matter of minutes ago, after briefing my Company commanders and establishing liaison with the attached infantry, my strung out column began concentrating in Lezey. Now, we are getting ready to move out due East, in defilade, to a point north of the town of Ley. From there, the Battalion (+) will begin its attack by turning South. The overall situation remains unclear to us, but it is clear that attacking towards the canal will compel the enemy to retreat or risk being split or enveloped. The terrain in front of us consists of rolling hills and agricultural fields, with two narrow and claustrophobic villages: Ley, and Moncourt, in our path of attack. We have pre-registered fires and briefed the men, and are ready to advance cross-country. The terrain is well known to us, the Battalion had elements in this area less than 24 hours ago and we have the luxury of foregoing a terrain and map reconnaissance as a result. It has rained intermittently through the morning and the day dawned with the same, dense fog as it had on the 19th. Visibility has improved, however, but it remains a gloomy and dark day with damp ground. Visibility is rated at 1200-1700m in the light fog that lays over the terrain. Despite the saturated terrain, we’re confident that the terrain is excellent for cross-country movement. Objectives: Combat Command A has ordered you to advance towards the Marne-Rhine canal and sweep and clear the area ‘once and for all.’ It is evident that the attacks from the enemy yesterday are far more than local actions and CCA wants the division’s flank and rear clear. Obviously then, destruction of enemy units is our primary concern. We must DESTROY all enemy encountered (Up to 2000 points). Given the nature of the operation and the desire to resume offensive operations towards Saarguemines, we are strongly expected to PRESERVE our combat power, that means ammunition (50% - 500 points), lives and material (>15% losses – 1500 points). However, in planning the attack with my Company leaders, I have assigned intermediate objectives based on key terrain. Ley and Moncourt, sitting astride Route D22 offer excellent assembly areas, the enemy is likely to be holding both in some strength. It is necessary to occupy both (250 points each). High ground and its reverse slope to the East (our left) provides a potential assembly area for counterattacking enemy and may enfilade our maneuvering elements. I have therefore deemed it necessary to occupy this high ground for security (500 points.) Above are two different angles of the Key Terrain of the high ground objective overlooking Ley. Even with the fog and moderate visibility you can see why Abrams was keen to anchor his flank by seizing it. They're imposing and the valley formed between the two hills are excellent ways to filter down an attacker's flank. Luckily I have the tools to both advance strongly and secure my flanks, with a powerful taskforce at call... Order of Battle: I am in command of a Battalion (+). It consists of my own command; the 37th Tank Battalion (which forms the nucleus of the force). Attached is 10th Armored Infantry Battalion (-Company), C/704th Tank Destroyer Battalion and the entirety of the 94th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (18 guns). Anti-Tank, Tank-Destroyer and Engineer elements have been left behind at the assembly area of Lezey for rear security and as an emergency reserve, given the fluidity of the situation. At hand, therefore, I possess: · Headquarters, 37th Tank Battalion (Lt. Col. Abrams) (incl. Battalion 81mms) · A/37th Tank Battalion (Capt. Spencer – 9 tanks) · B/37th Tank Battalion (Capt. Leach – 13 tanks) · C/37th Tank Battalion (Capt. Lamison – 13 tanks) · Headquarters, 10th Armored Infantry (-) (Lt. Col. West) · A/10th Armored Infantry – 90% effective strength · C/10th Armored Infantry – 90% effective strength. · 94th Armored Field Artillery Battalion (16 guns – satisfactory ammo) ____ More to follow...
  6. This is how all AARs should be done.
  7. The replay value of this game would be so much higher if there was an option to watch the entirety of a battle once it is over (instead of just once after every turn). i.e. you could save the complete movie file once the mission was over. Has this idea been floated here before? Why was this option not included in the first place? (Part of the appeal of Combat Mission is dynamic camera and film-type interface (play, pause, resume, rewind, etc.).
  8. These are by far the best Combat Mission video AARs I have been able to find.
  9. Well! Here we go... and I hope this works...And thank you to Raptorx7 and Bud Backer if this pans out! hqouyCQs.jpg This is my first set of movement orders.... As a typical hard head I've chosen not to follow orders...
  10. Greetings to all! I'm a novice player new to the forums and enjoy those who take the time and effort to post AAR's As such I would like to do one for "A Muddy Affair" My immediate issue is the 0.49 max file size for screen shots. I'm on a Mac and use the screen grab feature ( very awesome ) however it's always over the allowable size limit to post as a picture. Curious if anyone knows a workaround so I can post without having to use a link like the previous AAR's I know and love. Much appriciated and thank you to the BFC for doing a great job on the new release! Martin
  11. Lanzerath Ridge

    Just finished playing this one on real time as - surprise - the German side. Very nice rendition of a battle I have possibly read four different accounts about. Managed to get within 25 meters of Lt. Bouck position, after suffering just 10 KIA, 13 WIA. The scenario isn't attributed... whomever was the author (or authors), thanks, this was quite fun to "reenact".
  12. The long-delayed and heretofore illusory comic, Apache, is finally nearing completion. Like my previous CAARs (links below in my signature) this one shows something new, both in terms of the side being illustrated, as well as design concepts for the comic. I'll let you mull that over and see if you find them appropriate and intuitive. This CAAR was unusual in that it required substantial setup to provide useful and interesting material. Some of the lengthy pauses in development were cause by obstacles in story-telling that had to be worked out in a pleasing and realistic manner. The fault is mine - I never used the scenario editor for anything other than map-making, and Apache necessitated a foray into scenario design that illustrated (see what I did there?) that it takes practice and a LOT of effort to make workable scenarios. My respect for those volunteers who design them here is increased by an order of magnitude. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for enriching our experience in these games. Once again, the map is one of my own making, another 208m x 208m custom job with a beach and water for troops to come out of as they invade. Fortunately, my partner in this, once again the inestimable Kohlenklau, recognized that the map was too small with the beach and water and the need for some space to represent a landing, so he made alterations that greatly improved on my original work. Much as I'm fond of the idea of micro-maps (after all, these comics are called Micro-Battles) there comes a point where being able to spit in your enemy's eyes is just a tad too close. I hope you enjoy this effort. As always, comments and questions are welcome.
  13. My first CAAR (Comic After Action Report) was in the format of a DAR presented as a comic. To introduce some variety and also make this one a bit more like a comic, it will be presented less as an AAR and more as a story, following the actions and adventures of one man, a Russian soldier called Dmitry ("Dima") Ivanov. Of course this is also going to present the battles as well, so the AAR aspect is still included, just not the sole objective. Some of you wanted to hear more about Lt. Warner, Cpl. Dietrich, and Sgt. Hirsch from my first CAAR; they will be back in another CAAR. At the time of this one, Warner and his boys are in Normandy, and later, in Holland during Market-Garden. Once again, Kohlenklau is my partner in this, and I thank him for being a fun opponent in the battles and a patient friend in the delays doing these sometimes introduces.
  14. Ey up everyone. Thought I'd share one of my old trips to the Eastern Front with you all. Still twiddling with the format and learning how to make the editing stuff do what I want it to do. Hope you enjoy it!
  15. Hi Forum! I recently found a user made scenario I had been wanting to play for some time. So I thank Seinfledrules for it. The Scenario is AD into Lithuania. I must admit, I have been oogling it for some time now so when a bit of extra time was presented this weekend who was I to refuse.. So without further stalling: Situation July the 9th 1944, following the capture of Minsk our unit is driving into Lithuania, operating on a road on route to Vilnius. Our Companys lead tank is suddenly hit and brews up in an explosion. After contacting our head quarters the situation is made clear to us: It has been deemed possible for our company of T-34s and attached infantry to attack; Orders are to clear the village of Pilpakiai of German defenders, and see to it that the rest of our forces can advance along this road to Vilnius. Mission Our orders are to Seize and Occupy the Village of Pilpakiai and a farm complex near the road to Vilnius. We are ordered to deploy, assess and attack where it is deemed necessary. As everything is assembled total combat time is calculated to arround 45 minutes. Execution The enemy is at unknown strength, orders from HQ is that a two wave attack is best adviced so that our company of tanks can act as support assets for the infantry company. The enemy is most likely defending the T intersection and Village to deny us road access and has praobably deployed several antitank and machinegun assets in the surrounding terrain with a good field of view on the road. Accounting for the German Doctrine it can be assault guns covering the road. So be prepared for the tanks to engage armor. Our company of Tanks has seen some losses. We are likely not receiving any reinforcements and so are the Germans,we do however need the infantry to have a reserve in case the Germans are reinforced. Enemy force composition is unclear, estimating the size of the Village and the Germans will to defend and based on the previous month asses that the enemy fields atleast a half strength infantry company (we assume full strength though), light fortifications (foxholes at best, if any) and AT and heavy machineguns overlooking the road. We will make no attempt to splitt forces. The enemy is defending the village so most of them vill be centralised arround the objectives. The infantry attacement is well motivated for an assault and is likely to stay in the fight once commited, that is, if it is not strained or pummeled before the enemies main line of resistance is found and engaged. Our Forces Consists of: 3rd Company HQ: Galimov Regular, Rested, Good Command, Ok 1st platoon HQ: Salamatin Regular, Rested, Good Command, Good motivation, Ok 1st Medium Tank: Chalov Regular, Rested, good motivation, Ok 2nd Medium Tank: Kapitonov Green, Rested, exceptional motivation, Ok 2nd Platoon HQ Tank: Aushev Regular, Rested, Good Command, exceptional motivation, Ok 1st Medium Tank: Ryleev Regular, Rested, Ok 2nd Medium Tank: Gamzulin Regular, Rested, Good Command, exceptional motivation, Ok 1st Company INF HQ: Terekhov Regular, Rested, exceptional command and motivation, Ok Sniper Team: Parshin Veteran, Rested, exceptional command, Ok 2nd Platoon HQ: Novozhilov Regular, Rested, good command, exceptional motivation, Ok Sniper Team: Asafyev Veteran, Rested, negative command, good motivation, Ok 2nd Squad: Dudarenko Green, Rested, good command, Ok 3rd Squad: Kagantsev Regular, Rested, good command, good motivation, Ok 1st platoon HQ: Skuratov Regular, Rested, Exceptional motivation, Ok Sniper Team: Petrukhin Regular, Rested, good motivation, Ok 2nd Squad: Nazarov Regular, Rested, exceptional motivation, Ok 3rd Squad: Kalyugin Veteran, Rested, exceptional command and motivation, Ok Map Top View: Map Tilted View, Top: Until next post // Cheers
  16. Initial situation The basic briefing is as follows: My order of battle is: CO 2 Coy: Major IanL 2IC 2 Coy: Capt. Chappy 4 Platoon: Lt. Baker 1 Section: Corporal. Eagen 2 Section: Corporal. Cottrell 3 Section: Corporal. Drummond 5 Platoon: Lt. Wentworth 1 Section: Corporal. Rose 2 Section: Corporal. Darling 3 Section: Corporal. Lauder 6 Platoon: Lt. McColloch 1 Section: Corporal. O’Brien 2 Section: Corporal. Bridge 3 Section: Corporal. Short 4 Section from the Carrier Platoon: Sgt. Lawrence (3x Bren carriers) 2 Section from the Mortar Platoon: Sgt. Curran (2x 81mm mortars on map) Attached FO: Capt. Bowie (with 2x 4 gun batteries of 25lbrs on call dedicated to this attack) The map is very flat – big surprise its Holland. The Dommelen river has river banks that can provide cover and the roads are slightly raised so infantry have places to hide. Thanks on the other hand will be very much in the open. There are three good places for AT guns – the woods at the back of the map the town and the village. Figure 1 The map Figure 2 The Dommelen Figure 3 The farm in front of 5 Platoon Minute 50: Orders 5 Platoon is opposite town in a small clump of trees. They will move to take the farm and engage church towner. 6 Platoon is in the middle also in a small clump of trees they will hold for their supporting tanks. 4 Platoon will move along the river banks with the carrier section. Lance Corporal Carnegie has been left behind to observe and wait for the supporting Troop so he can tell the troop commander what route 4 Platoon has taken forward. Capt. Bowie has called artillery on part of the town and the woods behind town with a 5 minute delay. Once the turns start mortars will be called on village to the North East (green circles on the map). Figure 4 Orders
  17. Hi Community! Lately I have been getting really into CM, and this is not a small amount of "getting into" It is worse than any man-crush or fem-crush imaginable. My first conundrum was to pick a scenario, and wrestling with the decision to do an AAR on the forums or just badger friends with how great this game is and my ideas for a mission. I finally convinced myself to give AAR a go.. But I had already played most of the games scenarios and a big part of CM for me is to plan for an engagement and the unknown. A quick solution came to mind because I quickly turned to my good friend Google, he told me about a new thing called the scenario depotIII and a thing called a few good men and greenasjade. I was thrilled… After careful consideration I found a new scenario with both Bon Giorno and Tomahawk in its name. Some might call it a bit childish, but I am okay with it as I am sometimes finding myself being drawn to names and a good cover art over a deeper read through of the content. After a quick download I fired up the game and the process began.. MDMP.. here we go.. that process took about 4 hours and mind you it still is only a rough sketch and I must give a shout out to combatintman for the rehash of the formula. This AAR follows a rough idea of how I want the presentation to be like, so this is more of a plan, execute and show tid bits of action as the battle unfolds. So without further stalling here it is..
  18. I've wanted to fight Ithikial since I first discovered his YouTube channel about 2 years ago. Now, I am going to do it! The map we're fighting on is a river crossing. There are three objectives in a valley between two prominent hills. Both hills have objectives on them as well. I am in command of a reinforced company of German Panzergrenadiers: SLIM's Battalion 75mm AT Gun Opel Blitz Attack Company Scout Team Sniper Team 3x Pnz Grn Platoon Weapons Platoon 2x HMG42 Section Med Mortar Section Support Company 1x Pnz Grn Platoon Pz VG Panther (Early) Jpz IV (Late) StuG IIIG (Late) The Attack Company's job is to conduct my main infantry operations. The Support Company contains my armor, and one platoon of infantry meant for close support of the tanks. (If CMBN had infantry riding on tanks, that's what they would be doing.) Initial Plan: Secure VP Chateau, and estabish supporting weapons. The Battalion HQ, Weapons Platoon, AT Gun, and supporting assets will seize the Chateau to use as an O.P. I do not know what the LOS range is, the prevailing weather conditions are Light Fog and Rain. The intent is to establish mortars and guns in positions from which they can observe the enemy side of the river. Conduct Combined Arms Attack to secure Road Bridge, Town, and Rail Bridge. The Tanks and Infantry will advance from North to South, securing the Road Bridge first, then pushing into the town. The Rail Bridge is considered a secondary objective, and won't be attacked unless the situation permits. Await further developments. I don't want to plan too far ahead. I've marked the hotel as a Destroy Objective, but I don't know if I have enough firepower to turn it into rubble. It is so marked because I would rather destroy it than fight for it. If I can ignore it safely then I will do so. [P.S.] This battle will be slow going, me and my opponent live on almost exact opposite sides of the globe, so it's likely we will have a turnover rate of 1-2 per day, barring Real-Lifetm incidents. I'll leave this thread here for future posts. This is my first attempt at a "normal" DAR structure, so any comments or criticisms are welcome Also feel free to yell, "You're doing it all wrong!" That's fun too.
  19. Thought I'd dip my toe in here with an after action video. Its a medium sized, quick battle meeting engagement, I'm playing as the Germans and my opponent is playing as the American army. This is just the intro and the first few turns, more to follow as soon as I get time to edit it all together... (I'm liking the shiny new forum- embedding youtube is much easier)
  20. I've done two Comic AARs, and always dreaded the idea of work involved in doing a classic one. Until I discovered just how much work the CAARs were. Combined with all the AARs I've read here already trying to improve my tactical knowledge and skills, made me really want to give this standard format AAR a try. The battle is a 45 minute duration attack by me on a German opponent in PBEM. My partner doesn't participate in the BF forums so this AAR will not be mirrored from the German perspective. I am a graphics dilettante compared to Bil Hardenberger. I recommend you read his AARs, and visit his blog. His AARs were to me highly educational as well as inspirational. The concepts of planning, reconnaissance, and how to present it to readers in graphic format are all things I've learned from reading them. By no means can I approach his tactical or graphical skill but I hope you will still find this enjoyable to read and contribute to the thread.
  21. Our Story Begins... Come in gentlefolks, have a seat and allow me to tell you a story... I was browsing the forums one day, and I came across this thread: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/119562-looking-for-my-first-pbem-opponent/ Contained therein was a request from one Raptorx7 for an opponent for his very first PBEM multiplayer battle. I thought to myself, "why not have a go at it?" and promptly replied to the affirmative. I did not tell him at the time, that this would be the first PBEM battle I have undertaken in four years, and the first one I have done in CMx2. I wanted him to think he was fighting an old CM Veteran, scarred from many PBEM battles in the past. Any psychological advantage I could find I would exploit, to no avail as it turned out The battle was met, on a cloudy, breezy, rainy, wet day, on top of a heavily forested hill, with the colorful moniker "Devil's Hill". I forget the force size, but nationality was set to random with normal rarity. The Map was set to random with a preview allowed. After firing up the scenario, I was treated to the force selection screen. "Lucky me," I thought, I had drawn the Waffen SS. After a quick look at the map, I set about purchasing my troops. Dagger Company, SLIM's Battalion (Named after a buddy of mine.) A Company of Grenadiers would do nicely, I've always liked grenade launchers, they make a sort of popping sound when they fire. Given the densely forested nature of the terrain, I immediately (rather stupidly) discounted the use of mortars, and removed them from the Company. I also removed the machinegun section, preferring to attach machineguns directly to the platoons. 1st Platoon (Assault) was set to Veteran experience, with no supporting weapons. I envisioned a lightweight, flexible force that would move quickly, find the enemy, and hold them in place until more forces could arrive. 2nd Platoon (Support) was set to Regular, and had two HMG42's and one Panzershreck attached. Their job would be to move up to the line, and provide a base of fire allowing 1st Platoon to withdraw and maneuver. 3rd Platoon (Reserve) was set to Green, allowing for the Veteran 1st. Their job would be to function as a general reserve, and operate on a parallel mission. I didn't want them to make contact too early, because Green troops have no real staying power. Because they would be maneuvering, I attached two LMG 34's to them, and two Panzershrecks. I figured an MG34 would be a little easier to handle in a LMG, with it's slower rate of fire. I expected Raptor to bring at least an M10 Tank destroyer, so I attached a pair of Panzershrecks to the Company HQ. I also had no idea where Raptor would be approaching from, so I attached a pair of Crack Scout Teams to the Company as well. My remaining points I spent on vehicles: I bought a StuH '42, for some direct fire support. I bought a Marder Tank Destroyer, figuring as long as the gun was big enough it would kill pretty much any tank Raptor brought. My remaining few points were spent on a self-propelled FlaK vehicle, with a 20mm gun. Why have a rifle-caliber machinegun when you can have a 20 Mike-Mike? Maybe I just like the sound it makes... Opening Moves My plan was simple. The two scout teams would go ahead of the flanks of 1st Platoon [Red Arrows], their job would be to sweep the objective zone until they located the enemy. 2nd Platoon [Green Arrows] would refuse the left flank of 1st Platoon, and also function as a ready reserve should they make contact. The green line on the map sits astride what I thought was the most likely approach Raptor would use to move toward the objective. The terrain to the left of the objective has a slight elevation advantage, and offers a handy reverse slope to fight from. 3rd Platoon [Yellow Arrow] would move far out to the right flank, and try to seize the road junction at the tip of the arrow. Holding that road junction would allow my tanks access to the rear of the objective area. The tanks [blue Arrow] would move up the road, and had the task of supporting 3rd Platoon. Company and Battalion HQ with any stragglers, would function as medics where required, and provide a deep reserve after picking up some weapons and ammo from casualties. I was going to pursue the battle as aggressively as I could, resolving from the beginning to fight and defeat Raptor anywhere I found him. Control of the objective zone was not a primary goal for me. I figured the objective zone could be easily secured, so long as I defeated Raptor's force beforehand. I gave my initial orders, and with much trepidation, hit the red button. First Contact Nine minutes passed by without incident. All forces moved slowly, yet steadily toward their assigned objectives. Suddenly the silence was broken by the sharp crackle of rifle and machinegun fire. 3rd Platoon, far out to the right had made contact with the enemy. This was the last place I had expected to find Raptor advancing, and I fought my own nerves as I ordered my response. 3rd Platoon quickly deployed to meet the threat, [Green Arrow] and started laying down small arms fire. Raptor hit back quickly however shattering one of my infantry teams, (I had previously split all squads into teams) with light mortar fire. This provided him with a momentary respite, before the assault teams moved up and dispersed his first troops with MP40, and StG44 fire. This is the moment I knew my individual teams had a firepower advantage I enjoyed for the rest of the battle. It was also the moment I knew I had been completely stupid leaving the mortars behind, so I took myself outside and gave myself a stern lecture. As interesting as 3rd Platoon's small engagement was, I quickly noticed contact markers from more of Raptors infantry moving down the left side of the road [Red Circle]. This was a critical moment, Raptor had infantry moving right through an area not covered by my own force. I knew I needed to react quickly or risk having 3rd Platoon be cut off and destroyed. To make matters worse, 2nd Platoon reported contact right on the line I had expected Raptor to use [blue Square]. I was now in contact in two widely separated places, with what seemed to be two platoons worth of troops. There were several decisions that needed to be made: 1) 3rd Platoon requires immediate support, the entire platoon aside from the HQ and LMG's is green and will not be able to stand in the face of a determined resistance. 2) 2nd Platoon, while making contact as expected, is at a slight disadvantage due to the reverse slope nature of the terrain they're on. 3) 1st Platoon, still hunting through the objective area [White Arrow], has not made any contact whatsoever, but cannot discount the possibility of the balance of the enemy force (at least one more platoon + weapons) existing to their front. I made the decision as follows: 3rd Platoon must be rescued, and the enemy movement down the road valley must be stopped at all costs. I stripped Assault teams from 1st and 2nd Platoon, for the more mobile firepower, added an HMG 42 team, and an extra Panzershreck. This Ad-Hoc Force would be led by the Battalion X.O. team, move behind 1st Platoon [Yellow Arrow], and storm into the valley. The StuH, and Marder would also advance up the road. My thinking is Raptor would see the sound contacts from the tanks, and halt his advance in the face of an armored presence. Soldiers of the Valley The Valley Counterattack now began. Forming two arms of a pincer, 3rd Platoon [Red Arrow] fought bravely (for green troops) and pushed the enemy in front of them back a step. Casualties kept trickling in, so I knew they couldn't fight for long. The Ad-Hoc Force swept across the top of the valley [Green Arrow], rapidly advancing and sweeping aside the few infantry teams in their way. Finally, the tanks came up the road, and saw a bit of action. I was so swept up in the grandeur of the moment, it took me a few turns to realize that while this attack was moving along, I was expending a huge amount of time and ammunition swinging at shadows. The enemy forces I encountered during this attack were smaller than expected, and despite my best efforts to pin them down and kill them, I kept advancing to a new position to find it empty, and begin taking fire from another spot. This is when I realized the nature of this terrain. The sight lines are so short, you can't find the enemy until you're right on top of him. There are so many small bumps and irregularities in the terrain you cannot focus your fire from multiple directions. Worst of all, one is forced to assault and capture a reverse slope position, only after taking it find more enemy forces on a reverse slope in front of him. The fight rapidly disintegrated into dozens of small teams, each having their own personal struggles, fighting and dying within a few meters of their comrades who were helpless to intervene. However, as bad as all of that sounds I did have one crucial advantage, hand-held firepower. Every single infantry team in my force had submachine guns, assault rifles, semiautomatic rifles, and light machine guns. On a per-man basis, I had twice as much firepower as Raptor's troops. That advantage was offset slightly by the fact I couldn't focus my firepower, but any time my teams got into direct contact with Raptor's troops the firepower advantage proved effective. From the start of the battle, to the finish I was advancing constantly in almost every area, despite the enemy presence. The Forgotten Front While the Valley Counterattack was going ahead with much fanfare and drama, the remaining part of 2nd Platoon was now coming to grips with their new situation. Their strength had been reduced by half, and they no longer had any assault teams. The enemy force they had made contact with enjoyed a terrain advantage, and despite orders from Major SLIM to "maintain their position", Captain Heinstrom was determined to drive the enemy back on this flank. The Captain himself arrived with one of the Scout Teams, an Assault Team from 1st Platoon, and a spare Panzershreck. "Let's kick Raptor off that slope!" he yelled as he plunged head first into the fray. A few casualties were inflicted on the Scout Team, and another infantry team from 2nd was smashed by more mortar fire. The men of 2nd Platoon were Regulars, and refused to break in the face of resistance. Despite not having any small automatics, the teams used their light machineguns to their advantage, quickly gaining fire superiority over the enemy. When Major SLIM noticed the increased tempo, he called and asked why 2nd Platoon was assaulting the enemy position, when their orders were to go firm and defend. SLIM received the following reply from Captain Heinstrom: "We're holding our position, sir. I've just decided our position is the place the enemy is currently occupying. That is all." For the remainder of the battle 2nd Platoon, despite their reduced numbers, drove steadily onward, slowly crushing all resistance in front of them. It was around this point in the battle that I was coming to grips with the terrain. I had learned to check the LOS and LOF from every action spot along a movement path. Short moves were always done while crawling, and quick moves were always done in sequence, allowing one team to move to a location where they could observe potential enemy positions before the other teams moved. On this, largely forgotten front, the true lessons of the battle were learned and put into action. In no other area did I make as much progress with so few men. My teams got into an easy rhythm of, Move, Look, Area Fire to suppress. While other teams Area Fire to cover the first team's movement, then Move themselves, and then Look and fire at any enemy teams flushed out by the area fire. It's hard to explain by typing, rest assured by the end of the battle, 2nd Platoon was advancing like a well-oiled machine. It's a pity this front became the small side-show to the rest of the battle. Closing the Jaws? The attention now shifts back to the right, where the Ad-Hoc Force, and 3rd Platoon are now struggling mightily to close the jaws around the enemy forces in the Valley. Early on, there was a clash between Raptor's M10 Tank Destroyer [Green Circle], (That I KNEW would be here!) and my Marder. Despite firing the first shot, and hitting the upper front hull dead center, my Marder fell to two quick shots from the M10. There were no survivors. With the loss of my Marder, Raptor has now shown that he controls the road [Green Line], which is the central axis between my two forces. Despite my Panzershrecks best efforts to hit it, the M10 (despite the gaping hole in it's front hull) retreats behind the slope unhurt. Since I no longer control the road, I am unable to bring the two halves of my trap together, or risk losing men to tank fire. I decide to risk crossing my SturmHaubitze to the other side of the road, because 3rd Platoon had gotten very badly chewed up by Raptor's forces. The presence of that tank was the only thing that saved 3rd Platoon from complete annihilation. Despite my best efforts, and the fact I was pretty sure I had a manpower advantage on this flank, I was never able to close with and destroy Raptor's remaining forces. The situation on this flank would remain static until the StuH finally got into position to lead a breakout for 3rd Platoon. I was simply going to blast everything in sight with high explosives until the shooting stopped. The battle was over before that plan came into fruition. I gave orders across the map for a general advance, at this point of the battle I felt I had to break through somewhere, Raptor couldn't have troops in every direction, could he? The Final Countdown In the center, the reduced 1st Platoon finally made contact with the enemy outside of the farmhouse. One assault team was wiped out, and the fire team accompanying them barely got away with their lives. These men were tough veterans however, and immediately turned back into the fight. The A.A. Halftrack rolled up and laid into the building with direct fire, promptly driving the enemy out. At this point I was getting rather angry. I had run into enemy troops in every direction I had moved, and after 1st Platoon made contact it was clear Raptor had a not-insignificant manpower advantage. Just in front of the road corner, another of Raptor's squads was spotted. I immediately ordered a grenade assault on the position. On two separate occasion so far I had managed to drive the enemy from a position with grenades, but this third time was the end of it. Right before the assault was carried out, I got a contact marker for a tank. I ordered up a Panzershreck into a firing position while the assault went in. I failed to give a pause command for the two assault teams, and they charged forward directly into an M5 Stuarts line of fire. My Panzershreck arrived just before the end of the turn, but it was too late. Despite me having a beautiful firing position, Raptor reversed his M5 from contact and the 'Shrek team never got a shot off. The damage was already done. Two of 1st Platoon's teams were lying on the forest floor, dead or wounded. This was the point I knew I could no longer attack everywhere, casualties were running around 20%, and the general attack I had hoped would lead to a breakthrough only led to me using up almost all of my 9mm and 7.92k ammunition. I watched a tiny drama play out near the Valley road, as one of my Grenadiers had enough and raised his hands. His buddy next to him got hit, and started bleeding out. The intrepid Grenadier put his hands down, picked up his rifle, and opened fire. Ignoring return fire, he fired off all of the rounds in his magazine, and despite enemy bullets hitting the ground all around him, he sat there calmly reloading his rifle. This man had decided, right there, right then, that if his buddy was going to die, then so was he. Another team from 3rd Platoon managed to reach him, and while he kept watch, the new arrivals worked feverishly to patch up his friend and evacuate him. Profoundly moved by one of those magical Combat Mission moments, I offered a ceasefire to Raptor. This is the End, My Friend The final dispositions are detailed above. The action on the final turn was the heaviest of the entire fight. 2nd Platoon on the left was still advancing steadily despite taking casualties, Captain Heinstrom, ignoring any calls on the radio and still insisting: "No, the position we're supposed to hold is over there! Not over here! Now get over there and hold that position!" 1st Platoon had stopped in the face of the unexpected arrival of the M5 Stuarts. They had taken up defensive positions just before the road, and had pre-positioned Panzershrecks to kill the M5's should they move up. The casualties from the grenade assault were being taken care of, and the spare weapons and ammo were being passed around. Major SLIM was already considering sending any spare troops from 1st Platoon over to help out 2nd Platoon. 3rd Platoon had been fairly annihilated, being reduced to about a squad of effectives. Combined with the Ad-Hoc Force, the X.O. was still confident of success. The terrain advantage Raptor's troops had in the valley was rapidly disappearing, the Ad-Hoc Force had continued to work around the top of the Valley. Not to mention, the arrival of the StuH in 3rd Platoon's position now meant even with their depleted numbers they were capable of advancing. Given that they had been constantly providing buddy aid to their casualties and recovering weapons, 3rd Platoon was literally armed to the teeth, and spoiling for revenge. Despite 2nd and 3rd Platoon's eagerness to continue fighting, I already knew that any further advance on the flanks [Green Arrows] would leave me vulnerable to a counterattack in the center [Red Arrow]. I did not want to risk having my force cut in two and chopped up piecemeal. The ceasefire went into effect after literally 13 minutes of some of the most intense fighting I had ever seen in Combat Mission. The casualties were about equal on both sides, but as Raptor had a numerical advantage, and we both held part of the objective zone, Raptor scored a minor victory on casualty points. I think it was the loss of my Marder that really tipped the score. I made a video to go with this AAR: http://youtu.be/z0qcpGwNFp0 I hope that embeds properly, I still have no idea how to do that. I would like to thank Raptor for the time, and for being a tough opponent. I certainly had a lot of fun with this battle.