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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have been interested in the Combat Mission games for some time and have played the demos, today, I see someone selling old CD copy of Battle for Normandy I assume (1.0) on ad site. I have not contacted the seller yet because I have read about the online activation system and I want to make sure of a few things. I want to enjoy the latest gameplay features as well as maps and mods so I plan to buy the upgrade to 3.0 I was wondering... What if the game is out of "activation"? Does that even matter if I buy the 3.0 upgrade and activate it with my new key? Do you even need to activate a game with 1.0 before activating 3.0? Thank you very much. -D.S.
  2. That Canadian Tank Destroyer commander sure knows how to get situational awareness. He and his accompanying Sherman cruisers were in the process of demolishing a couple of Stug platoons -- Sauerkopfs -- somewhere near the Gustav Line in May 44 -- this was a lull in the fighting where the TD was 50 yards behind the Shermans. Week one of CMFI + GL + 3.0 -- All it needs from what I can see it hit decals off the tracks. Other than that, it's pretty darn perfect. Stripes out.
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