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  1. I did the first 2 tutorial battles (second one multiple times to try things out). In the handbook, it says next up is Last Defense. I cannot locate it anywhere in the game. The basic tutorial only has the 2 battles. There is an "advanced" tutorial, but it's a completely different battle. I have both DLC for Fortress Italy. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Just noticed during tutorial that I had a unit I slow moved for a while, who then stayed exhausted for the rest of the fight. Is this normal?
  3. Good to know! I suspected as much. BF really needs to update their tutorial book...
  4. I picked up this game a couple days ago. I'm working my way through the tutorial. In the handbook for Italy, it says the FO can call in mortar strikes on a target, which I did. Then it says that I can then call in either another mortar or arty while the original strike is happening. However, when I tried this, the FO is busy spotting the original mortar strike and cannot call in another strike. Was this changed when the engine moved up to 4, or am I just doing something wrong?
  5. Just redownloaded and re-installed the game. Everything is working now.
  6. I'm redownloading. The file says it is the full installer and is 5.47 GB in size. It was the same yesterday. Looking at the file that actually downloaded, it says it's 2.3 GB in size. I have no idea what is going on with this. Hopefully a new install will solve the issue.
  7. I downloaded the file that was listed in the email from Battlefront. As I said, the activation code said I everything was good to go/unlocked. If someone from BF sees this, my order number was 336214.
  8. I just bought and downloaded Fortress Italy bundle with Gustav Line and Rome to Victory. After install and entering the authorization code (which said all of the modules were unlocked), I go into the game. Right on the main menu page, it says I'm missing files: v110c gustavline.brc v112.brz v200brz v210a.brz v210c rometovictory.brz v210e rometovictory.brz Do I need to redownload the installer?
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