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  1. I hear what you're saying 😄
  2. Yes that's pretty much what I thought thanks, I now just have to get it to happen 🙂
  3. Thanks gentlemen, if you say so it must be true. Some experimenting is in order methinks. So do the aided WIA jump up and exact revenge or disappear never to be seen again (which I think is what I read somewhere)?
  4. Nice job Pete, but what are they all doing on mobile phones in 1944? 😉
  5. I'm wondering whether buddy aid actually happens in CMRT or whether it is my behaviour in CMRT that stops it happening? So far in an admittedly fairly short career, I have never seen 'medic' displayed in a unit's status and have never seen any effect on adjacent incapacitated comrades. I know it is unlikely if enemy units are close or there is incoming fire, but of course this has not always been the case. I assume it happens in all difficulty levels, as I have not made it up to the toughest yet 😉? Also I'm wondering what is actually meant to happen? Are 'aided' casualties meant to be patched up and get on with their mission, or leave the battlefield but not count as casualties? Edit: not sure how my text above ended up with a non-existent link ðŸĪŠ
  6. Which is correct, they were used (and captured) in the Ardennes after their introduction in November 1944.
  7. No worries, don't think I've seen one in-game, just noticed it in the JuJu interface graphics files (which are nice). Lol, my editing skills are sadly lacking 😔
  8. My CMRT interface images, courtesy of JuJu of course, already include the PF100 but I assume it's 'turned off' as an option by the dates of the battles?
  9. I think you're correct about that. Those photos are quite sad 😔.
  10. In the UK we have this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wicker_Man#/media/File:The_Wicker_Man_(1973_film)_UK_poster.jpg
  11. Four years later than the last post and I've just played this as Carius and co. Yes @George MC it is excellent. Lost one Tiger and one Stug so far with some minutes left (I got all of the Stugs back to the village and set them up in ambush positions to back up the couple of Tigers I had there). Favourite moment was watching one of these Tigers bounce 88s off the turret of a tough IS2 which sneakily had made its way into the back of the village from the slopes on the right flank. No penetration achieved by the Tiger, but it did make the IS2 go into reverse - straight towards two waiting Stugs. Both Stugs opened fire and and penetrated the rear hull and turret. Very nice moment for me but not for the IS2 crew... Thanks George - hope you can add more scenarios in Fire and Rubble if you haven't already 😉.
  12. This is way more complicated than i first thought, but in a good way 😉
  13. Just to report back here, I had all my mods in the MODS folder and that was working fine (but taking a lot of space on my C drive as I added more mods, as Aquila-SmartWargames said earlier). I therefore moved them all to a newly created Data/Z folder (in my installation folder on the D drive) and I can confirm that that also worked fine. Seemed to take longer to load first time, but after that it seemed to be back to normal so the end result is good.
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