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  1. I really liked the modern era, I already purchased CMBS but I dont know what about CMSF2 its is very expensive CMBS costs 60$ lush the map pack 70$ CMSF2 costs 125$ ! Almost double the price ! I played the beta to see if I like it and I do, But is it worth the money ? There is really a lot of scenarios/ formations/ factions/ maps ? Any help will be welcome.
  2. @Warts 'n' all Do not see "Fields of Tears" on the scenario depot in the FGM or in the CMFB section, can you link it to me pleas ? The "Courage Conquers" , already played it, didnt like it, I dont know why maybe because lack of armor, yes the Aachen campaign wasnt jave a lot of armor too but you thats a urban combat wich most of the time do not need tanks. And I meant to the new gampaign he is developing not the scenario, I already played it.
  3. @theforger US or german campaign ? There is not alot of US campaigns in CMFB and if there is, the only good one I can think of is the Aachen campaign.
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