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  1. Sounds cool, but kind of confusing - how are people supposed to know which CMSF1 missions/campaigns work with CMSF2?
  2. Thank you....but is this for shock force 2 or 1? It seems to be in the shock force 1 category.
  3. I just finished task for thunder on Iron mode and now I am starting the USMC campaign, also on iron. I hope it has core forces with losses that carry forward... As for my name - I used it in an online player vs. player game called Mount and Blade Warband as well as in a MMORPG called Vanguard: Saga of Heroes back in the 2014 era. I had a clan called The Murder Herd and we would corner solo players and give them the choice often shouting "the Murder Herd, Join or die.....?! I guess you could say it was role playing experience where you could pretend to be bat **** crazy - we would roll into the towns 15 strong and slaughter everyone and then take all their stuff. I also used the name Matriarch of the Herd.
  4. Where can I get this mission impossible campaign?
  5. New game owner here - I purchased the base game and the USMC Module. I noticed in the base game with Task Force Thunder there are "core units" whose loses "carry forward"; however, the USMC campaign seems to be single missions strung together that form a campaign - loses in one mission have no impact on the following mission. My question is, is the base game the only one that has core units whose are felt moving forward? Thanks
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