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  1. I can understand that, you had a ton of them ha, makes sense, appreciate the response - best!
  2. The vast majority of times, I don't move unless I'm in hunt mode, this way they will engage any target they come in contact with (tanks mostly), infantry and IFVs really depends on the environment and what I'm trying to achieve or do.
  3. Hahaha, found myself watching the entire series of unit showcases, one poster has every unit for every game displayed, he did an awesome job!
  4. Yeah, damn, at this stage liquidation of assets going forth is something to consider, hahaha.
  5. Dang it man, now you have me wanting it more so, LOL!
  6. I bought the CMSF2 with all of the modules, everything was going great until I downloaded the demo for CBBN, damn, this is very likely the best looking and most polished game in the entire battlefront series. Everything about it's good, other than CONSTANTLY fighting through bocage 24x7, haha. I like the look of the maps much more, better overall foliage to hide and conceal troops, tanks and such appear much more detailed, higher quality textures and soldiers appear to be tremendously more responsive, could be me, though they appear to be more organic feeling. Great mix of nations and equipment. I have a date with destiny someday for this game...wished it was now. In terms of overall quality and enjoyment I would rank my experiences so far: (1) CMBN, (2) CMBS, (2A), CMSF2, I believe CMBS is incredible in its own right, just too narrowly focused in comparison to the other two.
  7. Appreciate it, definitely worked for me and I ended up buying the upgrade and all of the modules!
  8. Attached a pic to show what I'm referring to: Thanks! T-64.jfif
  9. Oleksandr, Are you still making mods and skins for Back Sea, love your work man, great stuff. I left a comment regarding the Ukrainian T-64 skin, looks great, though for some reason the inner left of the front interior hull, near the mud guards is missing a texture in 2K or 4K.
  10. Would love to see it, would be incredible to see something in the ilk of Type 99A2 or Merkava IV in this game!
  11. I ended up upgrading to CMSF2 with all of the expansions, though CMBS is still my favorite of the two, just wanted to own and play both.
  12. HAHAHA, that's funny you mention that, the temptation is strong!
  13. Any thoughts on what is the best module to get if you're only going to get one, USMC, UK or NATO? Right now leaning toward UK or NATO. Just wanted to see what others think is the best module for the game.
  14. Couldn't agree more, would be epic!
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