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  1. CM:BS' modern setting and lethality vs CM:SF2's content backlog makes the decision difficult. I will checkout CM:A on YouTube. Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. I am looking for post WW2 content and I have started following the Shock Force 2 and Black Sea forums. I want to purchase both but will probably start with SF2. SF2 has an amazing amount of content before starting to discuss mods! Once comfortable with SF2 I may purchase CMBS. The option for Real Time Turn Based for minimizing micromanagement and TacAI is something I am looking forward since I mostly play single player (campaign, skirmish, etc.) Thanks,
  3. Hello, I am looking to purchase my first Combat Mission title (CMBS or CMSF2) and was hoping someone could explain the contents of the Download + Manual option costing $68 dollars.. Specifically, are there PDF manuals specific to Combat Mission Black Sea and Combat Mission Game Engine included with this purchase option? Excerpt from the Combat Mission Black Sea web page "This product is downloadable with the option to purchase a platform specific DVD and/or a general Combat Mission Game Engine Manual. Except for special promotions we do not offer game specific manuals, so if you already have a current Game Engine Manual you're all set! " Is the $8 manual specific to Combat Mission Black Sea? Also, what is the downloadable format? TIA
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