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  1. For me it took a good 5 or 6 hours for whatever reason.
  2. Maybe it's only a glitch with my game. This is in the 3rd mission of the Ukrainian campaign where your platoon clears out a factory complex. Once hitting aqcuire on both the atgm launcher and the missile, it shows the missile in the infantry unit's inventory, but the launcher disappears from the game, doesn't indicate it anywhere on the squad. I do notice that while it shows the ATGM missile icon in the rifle squads inventory, it doesnt show up in the white inventory list.
  3. The uncons have learned wall hacks! Lol just ran into this for the first time. There are no windows or doors in that wall.
  4. Thanks for the insight. Thats kind of what I figured since I saw that the BTR-4Es themselves use the barrier but then since both a launcher and missile are both separately acquirable I started having second thoughts. Looks like it's either just a bug or meant to be used in some ammo sharing role.
  5. As title. As ukraine, I notice I can "Acquire" barrier ATGM launcher and 1 barrier atgm missile from a BTR-E apc. The game will show a barrier missile in the infantry unit's inventory but doesnt indicate in any way the actual launcher in the inventory nor does it then allow the unit to use the launcher.Is this a bug or am I missing a concept here? At first I thought since the BTR-E itself appears to use the barrier atgm that it is to allow moving ammo between apcs, but without a way to "deposit" as well as there being both a "missile" and "launcher" acquirable it I dont think this is correct. Then I thought that it was because the infantry unit isn't trained to use the barrier but because the launcher doesn't appear in the unit's inventory at all plus no unit I've tried can use it (even other ATGM teams) I figure this too is not correct.
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