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  1. Will we have the Maus??? Just kidding, I'm in the mood for East front right now, holding my thumbs.
  2. I though the Mongol invasions killed more people percentage wise, but it's hard to verify, old sources are often exagerated.
  3. It might be because the demo uses old maps from 2011? The developers have probably come a long way in creating interesting maps since then. Anyways it doesn't show of the game in a good way compared with the other demos I felt. Map design on the map I tried was a narrow front, with hedgerows several layers deep. It didn't leave room for maneuver, the map was worryingly level as in no rolling hills etc. The modules probably have great maps, but those should be in the demo instead if they want to show of their product.
  4. Of course an editor, that is my style! I recall loving the Arma3 editor and tools to create all kinds of scenarios. Creating triggers for heli reinforcements, patrol routs. Hostage situations, search and destroy a weapons cache. Right on!
  5. Hello Battlefront!!! I have the Antony Beevor book on the Ardennes 1944, and figured that Final Blitzkrieg suits me pretty well. However is it adviced to get this one first? Is it maybe wiser to get BN as that one has more players? Or it maybe doesn't matter. At first I wanted to get RT but I'm waiting for the module to come out so I'll get a better bundled deal. Also how is the quality between all the games, I know they all come with the newest engine, but I found the BN demo appalling compared with the others, very rudimentary looking textures, map design, unrealisitc colour palette and looked flat compared with the other demos I tried. I also have my eye on FI. As you can tell, I can't decide.
  6. After watching that Tik series on the Courland Pocket...I mean, I'll be sold if they include that .
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