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  1. Hello friends from Battlefront, i have purchased Shock Force (base game) and im going through single missions. I often have problem with units behavior, which is manifested by running out of cover. Im familiar with Combat Misiion mechanics of chain of order and morale. My units are in safe spot, under command, and with regular, even crack skill. Still, very often few seconds after enemy small arms fire, they decide to run from building to open space and get slaughtered. They arent panicked or routed, if they survive enemy turn with small casualities or without them, i can override their movement command and bring them back. Good scenario for testing this condition is for example Ambush in Al Fubar and U.S. side. My question: Am i missing some a.i. update, or should i install campaigns update, if my purchased version of the game is game engine 4 and V2.02 ? Thank you in advance and sorry for my lame foreign English. Patrik
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