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  1. Is this an update? I'm currently about 1/4 the way through. Took the hamlet with a half dozen casualties and am trying to figure out the best way across that open field to get to the panzers
  2. Light up everything that could possibly be used as enemy concealment positions. Lead with HE and MG's. Find a place to dismount your infantry and work slowly. Break up your squads into fire teams. Use as much smoke as possible. Never send a squad where a fire team hasn't gone and never send a fire team where a scout detachment hasn't been.
  3. ...neither are showing up at the FGM. Any chance you could provide a Drop Box link for the Polish troop mod? If it's too much of a hassle, forget it.
  4. Minnesota? Wisconsin? North Dakota? Hold on, I think I've got it.....it's got to be Michigan.
  5. DL'd the campaign. I'm knee deep in H2H matches right now, so it'll be a bit before I can review it. Has the Polish commando mod been released? it looks fantastic.
  6. Looks like you guys are getting more of my $$$. 😭
  7. Quote


    Email address:  megalonjonesslattery@gmail.com

  8. I'll send you a PM with my addy! Appreciate your effort and offer.
  9. That could be in the works....in the meantime, I'm going to see if someone wants to share a Drop Box link. 👍
  10. The US stuff isn't at CMMods III or the new site.
  11. ….a generous forum member has gifted me with the Red Army stuff, but I can't find the US vehicles. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Yahoo Dore; Welcome, Welcome Christmas Day Here's another episode! Bonus points if you can name the Hollywood composer I'm aping during the music bit
  13. See our RTF in DB, Irish. Short story: If you want to delete the bunkers and purchase troops manually with the spare points, I'm cool with that.
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