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  1. Look into Operation Pluto which was the allied trick of sending fuel across the channel via hoses under the channel. Germans could've done it & this solves your biggest problem, fuel once you get to the other side. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Pluto As to Dover, the Germans planned to send a lot of 6 inch guns on the British shore to shoot back at the RN, plus 2 WW 1 ships that were redesigned between the wars & had coal bunkers replaced with oil ones and 11 inch guns added http://www.combinedfleet.com/fura****a/schlie_f.htm These would be sacrificed at Dover. P.S. 1 foot of concrete was added to many of the barges making British 30 cals ineffective at sinking these. Go at night when RAF can't see you for a large part of the journey.
  2. The British upon arrival built a fuel farm & used 50 gallon empty fuel drums filled with rocks to build a quick airfield near Reykjavic. Germans would do the same as regards fuel farm. Iceland has tons of cement, 3000 rock quarries & lots of flat treeless terrain. And 56 deep water year round ice free ports Camp Skipton has paved roads, perfect for a Stuka base
  3. Malta was supplied for a time exclusively by submarines, an Icelandic U-boat base could do the same. Several hundred Diesel JU 86 were available, and the Icelandic fishing fleet operated on diesel, 1000 coastal vessels & 22 ocean going. Iceland had 40.000 horses in 1940, & the one RAF base at Faeroes had a dirt strip & had little success against the Luftwaffe. The Luftwaffe in Spain was up and running in 1 day, He 115 planes were assembled & operated without hangars in 1 day. German plank wood runways also can be set up in a very short time. German cargo ships could have 6 or 8 inch guns set up aft to give an instant welcome to the Royal Navy when it arrived. The British airbase at the Faeroes Two Spitfires were stationed here in 1943 but again with the Luftwaffe flying in low level, radar would not pick them up so success from this station was non-existant. http://www.crashsiteorkney.com/page35.htm
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