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  1. yeah that would be it "Experience" Still havent bought the game but would that be difficult to just script in?
  2. I get that but its really not that far fetched to represent some actual bullet time troops to fresh guys showing up to be shot at for their very first time. I see squads have things like Morale/Nervousness/Courage type factoring so it doesnt seem that far fetched to simply reinforce some of those values from mission to mission. Doesnt have to be Crack but makes it more fun and interesting when you have squads that have survived certain things get a bonus or personality trait going into the next encounter. Makes me more attached to the little AI squaddies. Ive only ever modded in Arma and this would be a simple feat - is this not possible to mod into this system?
  3. Im with the OP - its a bit daunting here as theres so many anacronyms CMBN/CBBN/CBRT2... I also was impressed with the demo's gameplay but like the smaller scale missions as well. Also do Squads in the Campaigns gain experience from one mission to the next finally turning into Crack troops?
  4. Nevermind im in now by using my second email address. Gotta tell you the amount of those captcha mind puzzles i had to go thru was life altering...how many crosswalks do you see -display 10 fuzzy traffic intersection pictures... all good now tho, excited to get into this game
  5. Hi there there is something seriously wrong with this forum - ive registered 4 days ago yet it will never accept my Email/Password combo that ive even reset a few times. Ive been locked out multiple times and have sent over 3 contact forms to whomever -forum admins/devs? And have never received a response. Pretty frustrated -ive played the demo and loved it -really considering buying the game but something is wrong here. The security system here is over the top (and wrong) -i even got a bot warning while writing this post. My bank has less security alarm systems going off then this place! Edit: LOL I even got a warning that my email was being used by another member -that would be me but it wont let me sign in
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