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  1. Tactical swiftness is exactly why it's needed.
  2. You'll be fine Doug. Just got back from seeing it with the family. Wife jumped a couple times. While there's destruction everywhere there is very little killing.
  3. There just needs to be a main drag through the first village.
  4. well requested anyway. Big battle. I'll play the weaker force...Rus if you want the US, Ukraine if you want the Russians. Big rough map (I know what happens in the open) and lots of points. Shawn
  5. I just got my kid CMFI. I had him set up an account and give me his password then I went and bought it for him. That way he can always go and redownload without issues. Now if I could get him off Conan and finishing his turn it would be perfect.
  6. Thank you all for putting up with my venting. I've got BS and you are right about the Mk19s. Mk19s should be interchangeable w .50s. I'll quit my crying...for now!
  7. I see a defense of the (modern) system from people that are very well read and highly educated...I mean no offense. If there is someone else with RL RPG experience by all means put me in my place....I do suspect however they will agree with my assertion.
  8. M1 armor is not steel. Total casualties from 14 Stryker hits....1. A seasoned Soviet soldier hitting does no more damage than the peasants we fought. Read this carefully....14 hits one soldier was out of the fight... I do play the WW2 games and you'll note no complaints. The armor of 1940s tanks doesn't even compare with the armor of modern armor tanks. I also don't understand the diversions. Skill level, AI, tactics....those are all extremely important topics....but have nothing to do with what I am talking about. Imagine if 37mm ATGs had a 50% kill rate against KVs. Would you agree that was an issue? If the fatality rate is raised it will necessarily effect tactics in an unrealistic way. The US Army isn't nearly as cowardly as it has to be in this flawed simulation.
  9. RPG armed insurgents engaged at less than 200 meters on a regular basis. At least 14 hits on Strykers. One kill that was actually an issue with SOP (POL storage...rocket did not penetrate). One penetration resulting in one serious injury (The XO...flew to Germany and survived). That's real life. That's where I'm getting the 'silly' hit/kill rate from. Where are you getting your info from?
  10. If there is an RPG round capable of killing M1s in Syria then all the T72s would be long gone. Are they?
  11. Here's B22 our only combat loss. Admittedly it was killed by an RPG. No casualties. The fire is the POL in the racks on the outside that ignited after impact.
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