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  1. I think you should ask BAttlefront Support. https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/ If they cannot help, come back here.
  2. Engine could keep track of the camera angles for each unit, so that when you come back to that unit it automagically gives you the last view you were looking at. Similar idea is that the starting camera values depend on the type of unit. For a Co command unit, you get maybe a level 4 taking in as much of the Co as possible. For a Platoon command, a level 3 oriented to show the platoon. Etc. Oh, oh. There could be a config file for this, so users can make their own defaults, and a tiny language for specifying complicated stuff.
  3. Isn't a big difference between Hunt and Move what happens if they contact the enemy? Hunt: go to ground and cancel rest of movement order. Move: Return fire, maybe go to ground or not, depending, and try to continue movement. In a "perfect" world, any movement would have two settings, one for how fast, and another for what to do if opposed. Remember that Commonwealth Squad Movement video? Those scouts "hunted" very slowly, alternating from crouched walking and crawling and long spotting sessions
  4. Something I noticed from several memoirs I read about Huertgen and Ardennes engagements. When going into frontline combat, troops left their greatcoats with their personal gear, even when very cold. I guess the idea being that they are cumbersome. You might be really cold, but experience would show that you can recover from that, but not from getting the tail of your coat stuck on a fence post or something. The reason I mention this is that in scenarios we often see troops on both all sides wearing greatcoats. Somebody went to a lot of trouble to make those models. A shame if they just discarded them. 8-)
  5. I would be nice if the tac AI would have a commander pop his head out and take a peek when the situation suggests it. Then we could all complain about how often they get shot.
  6. I seem to recall some flak about the British Press pushing hard for Monty to replace Eisenhower, and stuff like that. There was, I think, some efforts by Churchill to get the British Press to "quiet down" because they were sowing descent among the Allies (just as Hitler often hoped?) Wasn't the entire northern flank of the Bulge temporarily assigned to the British for a month or so? Lastly, US Army historians were often tasked with writing the history of US units in a battle, so they would only mention involved Commonwealth units in a peripheral sort of way. I imagine the Official Commonwealth history of the Battle of the Bulge is likewise alanted from the opposite direction.
  7. Not that I am out of scenarios. I've hardly started. But it might be interesting to do scenarios set in Poland or France early in the war. Are there any?
  8. You probably all follow this guy on youtube already, but anyway...
  9. There is also a 1996 movie version with Steve Martin. For historical completeness, I went to school with Steve Martin.
  10. I haven't tried this, but it seems like it should work. Move the directory to any place you choose. Then go back to the original location and create a shortcut or symbolic link or whatever your OS calls it with the original name, pointing at the one in the new location.
  11. An "accurate" modeling of "surrender" would be too depressing. Your truppen would have to shoot too many of them, or worse yet, you would sometimes have to personally order your troops to shoot prisoners.
  12. I seem to recall the Germans had declared that bad weather would prevent any channel crossing.
  13. In my dialect, usually "cherry on top". I always pictured ice cream with some whipped cream on top of that.
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