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  1. Making a movie is not built in to Combat Mission. You need some third party video capture software. You turn off all the stuff you don't want to see, such as unit icons. You replay each turn several times as you capture the pieces of video you want. You save those small video snippets in files organized so that you can easily find them again. Then you need more third party software to assemble the clips into a movie, add text or voice, special effects, title, credits, etc. Playing Combat Mission is a hobby. Making Combat Mission videos is a whole separate hobby.
  2. So, in this example from the image, what if team A is at the far left end of the line, and so needs to move to within 20m of the ordered smoke destination? Would they move closer so they can throw? Or is the face command always from team A?
  3. Keeping in mind I am a total noob here. How do people feel about "experiments" to test ideas in a throwaway game before you try them in a PBEM game? Like, "I wonder if my mortars can destroy that footbridge if the enemy tries to cross it?" So, create a separate game and try to blow up the bridge? Once you know, you can use the result in the PBEM game. You could use that for finding tricky keyhole/hulldown positions too, maybe.
  4. I want to see a soldier stop to take a leak. Or maybe use one of those outhouses that are all over Normandy.
  5. Thanks for the help, guys. Yes, putting a tiny target arc on a unit to stop it from firing does seem to result in losing the Face ability. A misfeature, I would say. But I still think I have seen it when there is not target arc. Not a show stopper. Life goes on.
  6. 3rd squad is moving forward, and they have two scouts out in front. The scouts draw fire from behind a hedgerow and are wounded. The rest of the squad are positioned behind their own hedgerow, and are putting some suppressing fire on the enemy. As the game player, I am just letting them do their thing while I direct other units elsewhere. I prefer not to micro-manage. Several turns go by. After another turn, I go to review 3rd squad, and am astonished to see them leave their cover and rush the enemy, laying down suppressing fire. The enemy continues to fire back, though, not totally suppressed. Nonetheless, 3rd squad goes through a hole in their hedgerow and moves forward. (That hole in hedgerow rush bug, I hear you think, but not.) So next turn, they are standing over their wounded comrades, putting fire on the enemy behind the hedgerow, while one squad member is giving buddy aid to the men on the ground. Amazing TacAI.
  7. Infantry, only a few units, not most. Single player wego in two scenarios so far. Pleasant walk in woods (4th platoon hq) and Out on a limb (platoon hq and 3rd squad). Maybe not related, but also 3rd Squad cannot be split or divided.
  8. Button is grayed out. I tried both the button and G.
  9. I found this on my own. https://combatmission.fandom.com/wiki/Tactics_for_Bocage
  10. As a CMBN noob, I get confused by all the CMXX variants. Can someone point me at a summary of maybe what are the first scenario/battle/mods that I should add? Note that at this point I am still preferring engagements of company size or smaller, otherwise my brain gets full. Thanks in advance. lee
  11. CMBN 4.02. I was playing a battle last night, and some of my units lost the ability to Face(G). One was 4th Platoon leader unit way in the back with the mortars under no fire and no danger that I could see. I could tell it to move in all the normal ways, but not Face (G). A couple of other units also lost the Face ability. Am I missing something obvious?
  12. I've been playing some battles for a few weeks, reading forums, manuals, etc etc etc. CMBN 4.02. I seem to often hit a similar problem which I would like some advice about. Defenders behind a hedgerow: I build up a base of fire, and pretty much suppress them. Then I advance some unit(s) a bit to the side of the defenders (e.g. I flank them). In some cases, there is a suitable hole in the hedgerow, but if I send units through it, the defenders often are still alive enough to shoot them up. Another choice is to blast a hole through the hedgerow in a suitable place, but still, when units go through, they take fire. A third thing I've tried is to wait until units have reached the hedgerow, then change the suppressive fire to light (Y) and then hunt (U) the units that are on the hedgerow down toward the defenders without trying to cross to the other side. In some youtube videos, I see units approach the hedgerow and throw grenades over, but I don't seem to have the knack to get my troops to do that (poor training, all my fault 8-). So, in short, any advice?
  13. Being now a noob with about a month experience, CMxx really needs a long list of "pinned comments" that every beginner should read. The proverbial FAQ. lee
  14. Could this "bocage gap charge" explain my recent noob problems? Playing CMBN4.02 battle called CW 18 Platoon, my troops sometimes rush crazy from behind bocage toward the house, and get chopped to pieces.
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