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  1. Could you try firing up Activity Monitor. Then, when you experience a freeze, quickly switch to AM and see if something is eating your processing power. Also, some years back, I had occasional freeze/crash/panic issues. I finally googled how to run a hardware test, and discovered I had a bad memory chip. Replaced some memory, problem solved.
  2. Oh, yeah. What I would hope for is that various people would create various plugin "mods" and some would be more popular and survive and grow, while others would just fade away. I suppose it is possible that they could fragment the CM user space, but I doubt it. The Cities: Skylines simulation game is a good model, where there are lots and lots of great plugins.
  3. This is an idea for some future CM, and I realize it will probably never happen. Browsers and many apps such as GIMP and Blender allow plugins, by which I mean a way to control or interact with the internals of an app using user supplied code in languages such as python, java, scheme, etc. So, I imagine... Tactical AI: Along with its usual work, it checks for some plugin override that modifies its behavior. Squad advance in a line, for example. Multi-squad bounding attack. Different behaviors for different nations. Implement some of those C2 rules in code instead of spreadsheets. Scenario AI: I haven't looked at this at all, so it is hard to say, but maybe experienced players could come up with better rules for managing the computer player on the large scale. That's my random vagary for the day. Back to facebook 8-)
  4. https://youtu.be/paWBau-dbVI This youtube video is one of several similar videos posted by SmartWarGames. It is a series of obstacle course races among various types of CM vehicles. They are a bit long, but the results can be unexpected and the commentary is sometimes hilarious. Enjoy. Or not. My work is done here.
  5. How much does the Tac AI understand different forces? Does it have built in rules for different ways different armies used their assets?
  6. I know that engineers can clear mines. But are they better at spotting them. For example, if an infantry squad and an engineer squad Move or even Quick into a mined action spot, does the engineer see them first?
  7. I assume the animation for hunt movement is just an abstraction. I expect scouts "hunting" would spend a lot of time hiding/crouching/crawling and so on, not just walking like a toddler with a pant load. If you just want them to move forward till someone shoots at them, use Move 8-)
  8. Did everyone jump with the official load? It is easy to imagine gung ho troopers with extra everything. I read somewhere once about extra leg bags that were used in Normandy. As I recall, the idea was to use 6 feet of rope to attach a bag containing 50 or 100 pounds or so of extra equipment to one of each jumpers leg, and push it out the door just before the guy jumped. The article was very critical for several reasons. First, this idea was used in the actual combat jump without being much tested, and no training jumps were done. More importantly, under fire, most planes did not slow down to the ideal speed before the drops, due apparently to pilot reaction to anti-aircraft fire. Pushing a heavy bag out the door at high speed turned out to be much more violent compared to the ideal drop speed. many if not most extra bags were ripped off the jumper's leg as it left the door, often causing a broken leg or similar injury.
  9. Wild Ass Guess: Select smoke and target open space, use smoke. Select smoke and target an enemy unit, use WP.
  10. Posted on Jan 8, 2020 by SmartWargames. Looks really interesting and informative. ULTIMATE COMBAT MISSION CAMPAIGN GUIDE
  11. https://www.amazon.com/St-Vith-106th-Infantry-Division-ebook/dp/B07523K12Z/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=st+vith&qid=1580946933&s=books&sr=1-4 Just read this book. Detailed look at St. Vith with special focus on 106th Infantry. Based almost entirely on official After Action Reports. Maybe a little dry if you are looking for memoirs, but I enjoyed it a lot.
  12. Well, I just spent the afternoon reading it, so it's not dead yet.
  13. Coming back t gaming after ten years away, I bought CMBN and some add-ons and have been very pleased with the value. Only roblem is that I am now addicted to CM youtube videos instead of actually playing.
  14. That joke is over three thousand years old.
  15. I think you should ask BAttlefront Support. https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/ If they cannot help, come back here.
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