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  1. Hello all, THX a lot for your helping IanL and ncc1701e. I have now understand how the AI in the scenarios works All the best for you and enjoy the rest of the week BR Andreas
  2. THX a lot .. So i hope i can find more time for this. Bad luck for me, I must work during the Day, and in the Summer i have a lot work outside my House Greetings to Canada from Europe Cheers Andreas
  3. Hi, Thank you for your quickly reply and helping information's So i think i must read a lot .....🙄. Hope i find time to do this .. Bfn Andreas
  4. Hello all, Thank you for your prompt answers ... That's right.... This is a scenario I would like to create by my own, not a campaign (That seems a little too difficult to me at first) I have no idea how I (regardless of the map) can get a page to attack. I try this with serveral maps As already written ... Attack Allie selected Then try to move the units by AI to attack. ( Maybe here is the failure but i have no manual who is describe how to create .....) But nothing works. Is there such a thing as a "Quick Reference Card"? That would be helpful. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Hello everybody I hope there is anybody who canhelp me in this topic In my mission I have defined that the Russian troops should attack the German positions. What I did 1) A map selected 2) The mission parameters created (Allied Attack) 3) The terrain targets defined Just... If I start the scenario, the Russian troops won't move. I've looked at other missions, but I don't find any difference. What am I doing wrong, or what have I overlooked? BR Andreas
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