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  1. Was able to get the walls invisible. Stone wall seems to work with it very well and after playing with the fortifications an hescos i came up with some nifty combos as well. I just wanna re thank all you guys for helping out so quickly. Hopefully i can turn some thing out soon.
  2. Will do on that sgt. and yeah it would be interesting @Aquila-CM to mess with if there was a way. double stacked for a tall wall and single for the short wall. Only reason i thought it may be possible is since there is a good few wall retextures. Mud wall from the afghanistan mod etc etc.
  3. Ah i thought it might be a conflicting mod. Thanks aquila. I also figured out what actually caused the break. The ana mod i recently downloaded was causing some form of issue with all the factions.
  4. I didn't mean messing with game files, I was playing with the blank bmp aquila attached in my docs trying to get the wall to be invisible. I didn't notice I messed something up until I took a break from that and began working on a different portion placing the unit fortifications down in that screen I noticed all the troops and fortification names were broken. its fixed now.
  5. Thanks sgt. i completely overlooked those options feeling pretty dumb now haha.
  6. Thanks aquila. For some reason tho i cant seem to get this to work im not sure if a mod i have is conflicting with that file still doing tests. Turns out like as mentioned earlier, cant put objects close together(referring to the walls and hescos) the wall short or tall has to jut out from the back just a little for the hesco to sit covering the majority of it so making it invisible would help. I wonder if one could replace a wall model with the hesco model that way its all done in one, that would be pretty nifty But alas some how i messed up my game moving files having to do a clean install now. Pulled the map file so hopefully i can reload what i do have done right now.
  7. Oh thats it? I didnt think that actually placed the object on the map. The idea is to have some preplaced on the map on game start. Thank you.
  8. I did try that, the two sizes i used are too short for the tall wall short wall works great but still messing with the bigger ones. I read you can make a wall invisible id like to figure that out sounds like that would work. Also as im still just a little green on scenario creation how do you get defensive emplacements on map? Id like to trow some sand bags and trenches in with what im making.
  9. Thank you man! They all are working perfectly now. Now i just need to find a way to make them catch bullets lol.
  10. I did try that Mikey. I wouldve been happy if that had worked honestly.
  11. Also im not trying to get the entire FOB into the map. Its probably 15 tiles by 25 in the corner of the map. Atleast for this particular scenario. After hearing that about the large number of touching objects im thinking i might have to rethink some of the future scenarios i planned though.
  12. They are reseting as if i had never moved them in most cases other times maybe a few meters. I am putting them close some touching others not cus its damn near impossible to get them all to be solid. Thanks for the quick responses guys.
  13. Im trying to create a campaign. I downloaded the hesco barrier mod changes the shelter to a hesco barrier. But the problem i keep running into is that the hescos do not stay in the location i place them in in the 3d preview. Im building an FOB.. well a corner of one. So im placing these next to each other as well. Any help would go miles. Thanks.
  14. As i continue to play through the game i cant help but notice it seems like everyone has mods that drastically enhance the game now i have some mods but i cant seem to come close to how some of the peoples games on youtube. Any must have mods or immersion mods for sf2 out there that im missing?
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